Frag Swap - Snails

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Frag Swap - Snails

Postby sslak on Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:04 am

Not sure the vendor - but I'm disappointed with the bags of snails purchased at the frag swap. He had other cleanup crew items as well.

It should have been a red flag that they were just laying out on a table in bags...the bags didn't even have water, just wet paper towel. Bought 2 bags, not a single snail was alive when I got them home and opened the bag they already smelled rotten. Put them in tank water to see if any of them moved and not one snail moved overnight - tossed them.

I'm only out 10 bucks, and I love the frag swap, I just think some things need to be stored in a more careful way to make sure they stay alive at future swaps.

Nothing against the vendor, he was a nice guy, treated me well, just wanted to post in case he sees this so he can improve his method of transporting livestock for next time.
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