as if CunaReefer needs another thread

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as if CunaReefer needs another thread

Postby Cow086 on Sun Sep 09, 2007 9:24 pm

A great guy he told me to swing by on Sunday cause he was going to be gone all week well i did. Not at the best time he had only gotten home from a four day trip to detroit (which sounded stressfull) an hour before i got there. He had no time to clean his tank before i got there and a clam died while he was gone. But he still took the time to show me his corals and eventually sell me some more. And even fielded some of my moms annoying questions Like oooo what that and that and that etc.(she was in town for one day and wanted to spend some quality time with her boy)

Anyways i am a repeat customer of his and will continue to "shop" at CUNAReefer's Basement of Beautiful corals.


Good prices too.
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