Midwest Coral Farm

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Midwest Coral Farm

Postby JustBrilliant on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:05 pm

This is kind of a funny story sideline.
My boyfriend and I talked about going to a reef store--my excuse was that I wanted to get some phosphate-free fish chow. I had heard good reviews on Beyond the Reef and Midwest Coral Farm. We live on the state line, in the corn, so nothing is really close, and we're used to that. Anyway, we decided on going to Beyond the Reef. I gave him the address to plug into the GPS, and he did. I drove, following the Aussie lady's instructions. South of the Illinois line is kind of a black hole for me, don't know much about the roads there, so I just went by what the nice lady said. We found the place an hour and a half later, right where she said it would be, but I had driven to Midwest Coral Farms instead of Beyond the Reef. I must have had one web page on top of another on the screen when I gave BF the address. The logical thing to do, of course, was to check the place out anyway and "see if they have Rod's Food, the phosphate free fish chow"...
The place is awesome. I do not have a camera phone, or I would have taken some pics of the large, well-lit, extremely well-stocked frag tanks. Everything was clean looking and clean smelling, and the people there were very knowledgeable. I got very warm fuZZy vibes from the place and the people.
So, we find the food (after I picked out three frags from the $10 rack, well-established and fully extended) and our peppermint shrimp (we just like them), and they asked if we drove far to get there. They wrapped up the frozen Rod's Food so it wouldn't thaw on the way home.
Our corals and shrimp did extremely well aclimating once we got them home. I'm used to frags not opening until the next light cycle begins when I first put them in the tank, but these opened up immediately and accepted food. I bought a green centered Clavularia, a Zoa colony (yellow skirt, powder blue center, orange mouths) and some orange ricordea with purple borders.
We were very pleased with the quality of livestock and especially the quality of service we received at Midwest Coral Farms, and would recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding corals. They are located in Highland Park, Ill., and are open on Saturdays and Sundays.
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