Hello from Fort Atkinson :-)

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Hello from Fort Atkinson :-)

Postby TCBone on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:35 pm

Good Afternoon - I discovered M.A.R.S. while looking for information on tank drilling in the Madison area. I have had aquariums on & off for the past 30 years. mostly freshwater/tropical. Have run a plain saltwater tank in my home now for 15+ years with a pair of clowns and a hawkfish (47 Gal hex).. I recently purchased a 72 Gal bowfront w/stand and accessories with the plans to go reef. I am doing a lot of reading/exploration on the web and of course have come up with many ?s... :D

I want to run a sump and I have a reefoctopus protein skimmer as well. along with a couple of pumps, cascade 1000 cannister a ton of testing equip etc...


Overflow - mounted on back or internal/drilled? if drilled I have found lots of info/vids on web but I would only have one shot at it....Does someone do this in Madison area?

Sump - looking at Aqueon...suggestions?

I have a Kent R/O to set up as well....It was suggested I also go with D/I...can this be added to the Kent?

lots more - buts thats plenty for starters.... :P

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Re: Hello from Fort Atkinson :-)

Postby jelly on Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:28 pm

FYI ladon on here is from FORT to he knows a lot and he can help. always nice to know a local reefer. sorry landon if you have an issue with throwing your name out there.
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