Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby kevinmichael77 on Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:10 pm

So if the concensus is that this for sure is not bryopsis but is hair algae will Kent Tech M workd for this or am I essentially beating a dead horse. If this is not the way to combat GHA then what is the proper way to get rid of this and what am I doing wrong that my tank is overriden with this unsightly beast. I don't overfeed, lighting shouldn't be an issue, and I've done weekly water changes since I got this system 6 months ago. I guess I'm at a loss at this point and even doing a bunch of research I'm afraid this hobby just may not be for me, it has not looked clean once since I've gotten the system and I've essentially replaced everything on it, pumps, light bulbs, media, and protiend skimmer. Guess I just don't know where to go from here.
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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby shoota on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:54 pm

Don't get discouraged, we've all been in your shoes. Trust me. If you read my last post, derbesia GHA is what I had, and it went away with Tech-M treatment, along with manual removal and a beefed up cleaning crew. First, try to pull and syphon out as much as you can. You want to not let any of it get into the water column, thus the reason for syphoning as you pull. And try what Aimforever said and try to get a syringe and squirt the Tech-M directly on the algae the best you can without getting any on your corals and polyps. Luckily it looks like you don't have lots of corals. Just be sure to limit how much you put in, even with syringe. Like I said, you don't want a large spike of magnesium levels. What do you have for clean up crew? How many and what type of snails? I would recommend 2 or 3 turbo snails. They have a huge appetite and love this stuff, but problem is they will only eat it if it's short (thus the reason for pulling and siphoning as much as you can everyday if possible). How often are you feeding? Fish can still live with infrequent feedings. Try to cut back as much as you can. Also, what do you feed? Frozen or flake? Flake is usually quite high in phosphates. With frozen foods you can try rinsing food, using a fine mesh net. Problem is that most companies use crappy water and preservatives to package frozen food.

Do you have test kits? Just remember, even test kits can be wrong because the algae is feeding off the phosphates and nitrates and it may not show up.

Do you use R/O water for waterchanges and top off? If not, that is more than likely your problem. If so, where do you get it from? Do you buy from local fish store, grocery store, or make your own with R/O unit? If you have your own unit, and you have DI also, I've heard that the DI can be a cause. Try using R/O without running through DI. Also if you have your own system, you may need filters changed depending on how old they are.

Sorry for all the questions. I hate to see people get discouraged, as I remember being there myself. I'm trying to help you enjoy the hobby and hopefully learn in the process :)
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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby kevinmichael77 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:08 pm

Sounds good, I will try to siphon out at much as I can next time I do a water change although I'm not sure I can siphon and pull at the same time without spilling a ton of water. My wc siphon was bought with a leak in it so I've been related to filling up the tube with water to start a siphon and holding it in place so it goes in the bucket.
For a clean up crew I have around 10 or so of a mixed group of blue/red legged hermit crabs. I few snails similar to turbo snails but not turbo snails, I just forget thier name. A bunch a nassarius snails but they're usually buried. A starry blenny and some sort of urchin.

Feeding I mainly rotate with frozen brine shrimp and Rods Reef and feed with a turkey baster as much as they can eat in about 5min. I feed flakes every now and then when I'm running late and don't have time to thaw anything else. I do feed on a daily basis.

I do have test kits and as expected last time I checked for phosphates they showed zero when there was obviously a phosphate problem from my tap water but I expect the algae was hiding the reading. This was when it started so I did end up spending the money for a RO/DI unit that I've been using for the last few months. I wouldn't know how to just run it as an RO unit and the filters should be good as it's relatively new and I literally only push about 7gal of water through it a week. I use this water for both my water changes and for top offs. As for nitrates or anything else I haven't tested in quite a while as nitrates have never really been an issue and the fish seem healthy and happy. From my days in freshwater I learned that fish were often the best indicater of a water quality issue.

The only other information I can think to give you is that I've religiously done weekly water changes since purchasing the unit. It runs 2 T5 55w 50/50actinic lights. My photoperiod is at 8 hours per day. I'm not running any sort of filtration media right now, I had been using ChemiPure Elite and a sponge in me media rack but were getting clogged with debris so I stopped using them. So it's just running with my protien skimmer and good water flow. Not sure if this is an issue or not. Came close to buying a phosphate reactor when I had the money but was told to buy an RO/DI unit instead and the problem would resolve itself.

I really appreciate all your help and you taking the time to read the posts and make valuable suggestions. I don't mind answering anything I can that will give you an idea of what's going on and will help me learn how to get this system running smooth and clean so I can add some corals at some point and really get some enjoyment out of this hobby.

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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby electraglide999 on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:08 pm

I have not read the entire post but I been battling hair algae issues. I bought 2 gallons of Tech-M but really haven't keep up with it and never really seen great result except when I directly ejected the hair algae with it (but results were very very slow). I started using DR.Tims Waste-Away (its expensive). I started dosing it and after about a week or two my skimate production was better. In the past my SPS really have not open fully and after dosing Waste-Away they immediately opened up and are now thriving. In areas my hair algae was breaking down turning white and disappearing. But in other areas it was still growing strong. I then put the Waste-Away in a syringe which I purchased at farm & fleet which is used for injecting cows. They are a couple bucks. I have also found them at tractor supply. I injected the hair algae with Waste-Away and after several injections it started breaking down depending on the type of hair algae it was. I ran out of Waste-Away and will soon plan on getting more when funds allow. After thinking about it I mixed up some Kalk-paste with Mrs. wages pickling lime and injected the hair algae with it by syringe. It leaves a milky appearance and after about 10 days now the hair algae disappeared in the area. Now my emerald crab is picking it apart. I am going to do this again soon. It seems to be working.

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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby Landon on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:41 am

Gonna do a water change this weekend? I'd like to come over and take a peek. Have a slick little device that will help you get the algae out while you're siphoning.
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Re: Bryopsis and Kent Tech M question???

Postby Jake on Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:02 pm

Emerald crab would eat that right up
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