Using egg crate?

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Using egg crate?

Postby 2kids1dog on Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:02 am

Good morning!! I'm pretty new on here, but love this site :)
The glass top I have on my 40 gallon has started to fall apart on the rubber/silicone? strip in the middle, and the glass halves of the top are not lining up right any more. I've heard that a plastic material called eggcrate can be used on the top of aquariums to keep fish in.
Does anyone on here use this material? Does it work well? I know the evaporation rate will be higher...but maybe more light will go through too? My lights are just a basic 2-bulb T-5 HO, and will not be resting directly on the plastic....
Before I get the material (I hear you can get it at Menards?) and ditch the glass top...I want to know it will work out okay. A replacement glass top runs about $40-45 at my LFS...
Please advise!!
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Re: Using egg crate?

Postby tickle on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:06 am

I do not personally use this but I have seen people use it as tops. Idk about light throughput but in theory it should allow a little more. Depending on the lighting though it is possible to have shadowing occur.

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Re: Using egg crate?

Postby jelly on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:16 am

if your worried about the light passing through the egg crate being decreased. you can get the parts and make a clear mess top for it. just get the rails and corner clips and cut to size. then get the clear mesh or clear screen and install. i did it for my tank and it has no affect on the light at all. you can get all the part for it from menards aswell.
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Re: Using egg crate?

Postby Socratic Monologue on Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:58 pm

2kids1dog wrote:. A replacement glass top runs about $40-45 at my LFS...
Please advise!!

You can simply replace the hinge. Living Art stocks it -- should run you about $10.

You can also just remove the hinge and use the two pieces of glass. Removing a pane of glass and setting it off to the side when you need to root around in the tank wouldn't be much more difficult than removing a piece of eggcrate.

On the light penetration: some years ago someone did a bit of testing on whether eggcrate increased light in the tank; the theory is that the eggcrate actually focuses the light (less angled rays exiting the sides of the tank). I recall reading that this effect depends on the distance of the light from the eggcrate -- and not only do I not recall the optimum distance, but I'll bet it differs somewhat depending on the light source type. Googling 'egg crate light penetration' might find some of that data, if you are really interested in this aspect of your decision. You might also check out some of the reflector studies by Sanjay Joshi; some of those studies also compared light reduction through glass (which if I recall is minimal and is no more than the reduction through window screen material).
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