Black Spot Disease or Black Ich

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Black Spot Disease or Black Ich

Postby waxaddict on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:34 am

I have a 4.5 inch Blonde Naso Tang that has developed Black Spot Disease or Black Ich. I have been researching solutions and have come across a couple of products and remedies. I just wanted to see if anyone has had good success with using any of the following- Malachite Green and Prazi-Pro. I ordered both of these today and should have tomorrow. It seems that FW dips are helpful for this and also a bath in Malachite Green and the Prazi Pro is supposed to help as well. The issue I am struggling with is this- this disease is a caused by a parasite that still lives in the substrate and in the water. So by doing a FW dip, it does not seem that it will do anything for the tank itself, only the fish that I dip. Right now, it seems that the Blonde Naso is the only fish and the only Tang in my tank that is affected. I think i should treat the entire tank to help eliminate the problem and keep the larvae dead. Apparently, this disease is hard to get rid of because of the long life of the pasasitic flatworms. Even after they fall off and die, they leave tons of larvae behind to finish the job!! They can apparently live quite a longtime without a host. Has anyone had this problem and did you treat it a certain way that worked better than others? I do very regular water changes with my automatic water change system and have a pretty decent bio load. It seems I had a small case of regular ich about a month ago when I got my Clown Trigger(5 in). Since then, the clown is still looking a little rough as is this Naso now. All fish are eating like champs.

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