MARS frag swap and New Member

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MARS frag swap and New Member

Postby SuperSaiyanGoku on Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:38 am

Hi everyone.
This was the first time that I went to a frag swap. I have to say wow how awesome that was. I actually brought my 9 year old son and he had his own little cooler to pick out some frags. I had so much fun I really would do it again! I actually spent way over my budget, however I will have the most awesome display tank and frag tank. Thanks again for everyone's hard work. It's something to talk about at the current fish store that I work at. I was the only one that went. Man did my coworkers luck out by not going. Toodles!
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Re: MARS frag swap and New Member

Postby sslak on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:17 am

SuperSaiyanGoku wrote: I actually spent way over my budget, used to be when I ran out of cash I was done, now all these vendors take credit cards! =D>

So much for my foolproof "budget". Oh well, the stuff I bought you would never even see in a store and if you could find it, one piece would have cost the same as what I spent on the 7 or 8 new pieces I got.

Really glad you had a good time, this was a great year and there were some fantastic vendors.

I stayed away from the SPS this year, I'm a few years into the hobby and have had mixed luck. My LPS and softies all do really well (I have a frogspawn the size of a football) so I'm going to focus my tank more in that direction. I got some really nice acans and some zoas this year.

Huge thanks to Mark and everyone else who put in time and effort to make this happen!
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