Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

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Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Mon May 06, 2013 5:41 pm

Well we decided to do it again... Customer Appreciation Day on Memorial Day. Last year was our first attempt at this and we had a great turnout. This is our time to thank all of you that shopped with us this last year. I know that there are a lot of you on here that have made the trip to visit us. We wanted to make sure you knew about this event. Even if you have not been by us before, you are still welcome to stop that day and have a brat and beer on us. Gives you a chance to see what we are all about and meet up with other great people. Here is a little of what is going on that day:

We will be barbequing a few items, coming fresh from Johnsonville ... thanks again Shawn - Scote2583 - for the great deal. Plus lots of chips and beverages. Hopefully the weather cooperates again. We will have a lot of nice door prizes for every past customer that stops on Memorial Day (Monday May 27th) between 11am until 4 pm. You are allowed to sign up only one time per family/household regardless of number of family members having tanks. No exceptions, please do not ask unless you like rejection.

There will also be a sales rep here from Aqueon, Kent and Coral Life that will be here to answer questions about all of their products. We hope to have other reps here as well. In addition, Perfecto, Marineland, Tetra and Instant Ocean also have generously donated items and these will be given out as well.

Most of you are familiar with “Limpits Reef Buffet", the BEST food in our freezer. As he did last year, he has made an extremely generous offer to donate $2.00 to “Honor Flight” for each 7oz or 10oz package sold. We here at Best Fish will match that donation so a total of $4.00 will be donated for every package sold. (Plus they will be on sale!) This is a great cause that Ron and his wife Ellen enthusiastically support. For those of you not familiar with it:

The purpose of the Honor Flight Network is to ensure that WWII and terminally ill veterans from any war have the opportunity to see the memorials that have been erected in their honor. The Honor Flight Network provides all amenities to the veterans, including all transportation, meals and lodging. Everything is free to the veterans because of how much they have sacrificed for this great country already.

So make sure you pick up a package of Limpits that day and to thank Ellen and Ron for remembering our great veterans on Memorial Day. Also Ron will have a table outside selling his Reef - Wear shirts.

We ask that you please be patient and understanding that day, we may not have time to talk to all of you as we would like. You have seen that we have every inch of our store utilized, so there is not a good area for congregating. Hopefully the weather co-operates and if you wish to bring chairs to sit outside, please do. The bank is closed so their lot will be wide open. If you bring younger children, they must be attended to. It may be crowded and there just isn’t the room here to accommodate them. Thanks for your understanding.

There will be huge sales that day plus some great pre-order specials on that day only. Put $100 down on the Radion / Pros and get the best price possible. Same deal on the ATI LED Powermodule. I hope to have one here for you to see. I sold one to an Illinois customer and was very, very impressed with this fixture. Finally something to make Radions look ... diNMtmbCuU

All Saltwater fish and corals will be discounted off of our already low prices, largest discounts of the year. Plus we will have some "Deep Blue" Frag tanks on sale (limited to tanks on hand). This is the only sale of the year on these tanks.

If you browse last years topic on WRS, you can get more of an idea what this day is all about. We do have some changes and additions in mind this year. We will have a table with some sale items outside and you will be able to check out your purchases right there. Hopefully that will make it less of a wait. Also will display a few new items and have some closeout items at ridiculously cheap (get it out of here) prices.

We will have a few extra perks for our veterans as Judy and I want to say "Thank You" for your service![/b] More on that later.

Of course we will be giving out lotsssss of stuff again (see last years list) [b]This is our time to give back to all of you that have supported us!
Between our give-aways and what the vendors have donated, everyone will receive something. We had a few setbacks this last month but overall its been a great year and are glad to be able to do this for you! As we have said in the past...Judy and I do appreciate your business, but even more so, your friendship!

Hope to see you then! ..... and in the meantime check back here for updates.

Please respond to this thread if your planning on coming. For some reason Judy wants a rough count....last year we only underestimated by about 50 people. (but we still had enough brats left over for me to eat them twice a day for another week.) But do not hesitate just to show up at the last minute, we welcome you!

Thanks much!

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura and Tyler

"Best Fish"
Best Fish
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby TerryH on Tue May 07, 2013 6:06 pm

The wife and I plan on attending. Sounds like a nice event you have planned!
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby gem_nut85 on Fri May 10, 2013 4:30 pm

Wife and I are so there, do you guys want people to pre order fish if we plan to come for them, so you have enough stocked. We need for sure a gold head sleeper goby, big one! It's also time for invert. cleaners restock
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Sun May 12, 2013 1:43 pm

gem_nut85 wrote:Wife and I are so there, do you guys want people to pre order fish if we plan to come for them, so you have enough stocked. We need for sure a gold head sleeper goby, big one! It's also time for invert. cleaners restock

We are not taking pre-orders but posting a wish list like you did is a good idea. Then I will do my best to have more of those fish in stock that day. Glad you can make it!


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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Tue May 21, 2013 7:29 pm

Been wanting to update this for awhile but have been swamped trying to prepare for the event. Just a quick list of some of the door prizes we will be giving out. Still have not heard back from most or our vendors so I do not know what they will be donating yet. However I have decided on some items that Judy and I will give away that day. There will be multiples of these plus many more yet to be determined prizes. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Aqueon Heaters
API Reef Master Test Kits
Cobalt 200W Neo - Therm Heaters
Finnex 50W Titanium Electronic Heater
Blue LED Accent Lightings
Maxi Jet Power Heads
Aquatop 14g Bio Cube
200 gal Boxes of Kent Salt
200 gal Boxes of Reef Crystals
Twenty Five Dollar "Best Fish" Gift Certificates
Alk Test Kits
Mini Destop Setups
12 Gal Fluval LED desktop
6 Gal Chi desktop
Canister Filters
56 Gal Column Tank
Sump with built in ATO and Skimmer
Rimless Aquariums
Deluxe Frag Kits
Skyye Led Lights
Chemi Pure
Multiple Food Packs
Kent Magnesium
Portal Magnifier
Magnetic Circulation Pumps (Korelia Replacement)


"Best Fish"
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby deakce on Fri May 24, 2013 11:45 pm

Ok great then, I will get the 50 foot python!!
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Sun May 26, 2013 8:34 pm

Just a reminder on how our door prize drawings will work. We ask that only one prize per household is pulled. You are welcome to bring friends however, we do ask that if this is their first time here that they do not pull for a door prize. We are giving out quite a few items and our goal is to make sure those that supported us this last year are recognized. We hope you participate in the spirit intended. Thanks for your understanding and your honesty.

We are not discouraging first time visitors, just the opposite. They can stop and see what we are all about, meet some great people, have a burger and take advantage of all the great sales we will offer that day.

Here is the list of our sale items for Memorial Day. These prices only good on Monday the 27th between 11am and 4pm:

1# GFO $15.00
1321 gph Magnetic Circulation Pump $29.99
14 Gal Bio Cube $189.00
200 Gal Bx Coral Life $32 (3 For $85)
200 Gal Bx Kent $34 (3 For $90)
200 Gal Bx Reef Crystals $42 (3 For $115)
25 Gal Marineland Rimless $79.99
29 Gal HQI Bio Cube $439.99
3 Gal Zen Nano Setup $39.99
34 Gal Tanks 30X18X16 $69.99
75 Gal Tanks $99.00
API Master Reef Test Kit $19.99
Aqua Top 300 Canister Filter $69.99
Aqua Top 400 Canister w/ UV $79.99
Aqua Top 500 Canister w/ UV $89.99
Aqueon Evolve 2 Gal Kits $39.99
Aqueon Evolve 4 Gal Kits $49.99
Azox Coral Food $13.00
BSI Frag Glue $5.99
Chinese LED Pendants $10 Off
Coral Life 18W UV $139.00
Coral Life 36W UV $169.00
Coral Life Skimmers $30 Off
Coral Viewing LED Flashlight / Key Chain $5.00
DD Frag Epoxy $8.00
Deep Blue Tanks - Limited to tanks on hand 20% Off
Deluxe Leather Fragging Kits $23.99
HC-0810M Finnex Heater Controller $44.99
Kent 1 gal Magnesium $28.99
Kent 16oz Magnesium $8.99
Kent 64oz Magnesium $19.99
Kent Zooplex 30 % Off
Limpits 10oz Reef Buffet $10.00
Limpits 7oz Coral Blend $10.00
Maxi Jet Powerhead 1200 $19.99
Maxi Jet Powerhead 600 $15.99
Maxi Jet Powerhead 900 $17.99
Micro Frag Plugs - 100 CTBag $10.00
Moonlights - 12 bulb $19.99
Moonlights - 4 bulb $9.99
Moonlights - 8 bulb $15.00
New Era Marine Grazer Blocks $9.99
Nitrate Pads $5.99
Ocean Treasure Aquarium 50% Off
Peristalic Dosing Pumps 1.6mL $79.99
Red Sea Coral Pro (Black) 175 gal $49.99 (2 for $89)
Refractometers $32.99
Return Pumps - Aquatops 40% off
RO Carbon/ sediment Cartridges 20% off
Sea Chem Reef Fusion 30 % Off
Skyye Lite LED's 50% off
Tom Aqualifter Dosing Pumps $12.00
Tweezers - Fragging $5.99
Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer $359.99
WP40 - (MP 40 Wannabe) $98.00

Plus Pre-Order's at Best Price

Plus 20% Off on all Saltwater Fish
and 30% off on all Corals!!
(Discounts are not valid on previous purchases. Sorry all livestock must be picked up on Memorial Day.)

(Please note: Also our phone will be off the hook the whole day)

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura and Tyler

"Best Fish"
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Re: Memorial Day 2013 at "Best Fish"

Postby Best Fish on Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:54 pm

All of us at "Best Fish" want to thank everyone that came to our 2nd Customer Appreciation Day! We sincerely hope you enjoyed the day in spite of the many things that I could have done better. We had a bigger than expected turnout. Many things went well but there were some things that I was not happy with. Out of our control....the weather .... though it could have been worse. Made it difficult to set up and I was already behind. Then at about 7:30am while we were getting ready, we heard a loud explosion. A transformer blew and we had no power. That was a fun thought...250+ people with no electricity. Fortunately it came back on after a short time. That power outage caused the bank's alarm to go off so a little added excitement. Shortly after that another loud noise, but that was a false alarm. It was only Rich - Tonyssrx. :D (Fortunately he kept driving.) Then my "Square" credit card reader decided not to work so I could not do credit cards outside. Worked perfectly the day before on my test run. The mild drizzle thru-out the day was enough to mess up my printouts that I planned on handing out. Finally as I have a tendency to do, I over-reached as to what I wanted to accomplish. This resulted in many things not being ready or not being done well...entirely my fault. I thought having things outside would reduce the line inside but the weather and larger than expected turnout negated that. Next time we will have 3 checkout lines, a cash only on the other side of the counter and a credit card only going out our back door. (Along with our current check out area) I considered doing that this time but decided it would not be necessary...wrong again. Right at the beginning I heard that a Fox Valley customer who was one of the first persons to arrive had a coral picked out and it somehow was misplaced or sold to someone else. Understandably she was upset, and we do apologize.

We work with a small staff and they did an outstanding job. I can't thank them enough! They all worked late hours to get ready for the party. Laura takes care of all the cleaning and without her our tanks would be a mess. Kevin is the handyman, fixes everything that breaks plus does all the assembly and running around. Tyler takes care of the corals and other livestock. Great crew! I also flew my daughter up to help. I surprised Judy on the Saturday before the party, sent her to the airport to pick up "our friend Ed". When our daughter Dawn walked up to the car instead, at first Judy tried to tell her she had the wrong car. Can't fool Judy, she knew right away that wasn’t Ed. Once she finally recognized our daughter, they had a few good laughs and tears.

This was mostly new for Dawn as she never was involved with our business. Much too mild for her. Rather she preferred the army followed by her current profession as a Ft Myers police officer working undercover in drugs, prostitution, etc. She did point out a few of you that she thought looked a little shady She had a customer ask if she could get them a "hammer" and yes..... she questioned them why they needed a hammer. (Sorry about that). But she was a huge help and this was also her first time away from our 1 and 3 yr old grandsons. So between her high stress job, her and her husbands goofy hours (also a police officer on the swat team) and her 2 boys, this event was a nice escape for her and a huge help to us.

We gave out a ton of door prizes, more than expected so I kept adding to the tables. I really have no clue anymore what we all gave out or to who. But it was all that was on the list and much, much more. Besides what we gave out, Central Aquatics donated a 75 gal tank and a Coral Life skimmer. Want to again thank Mark for attending and helping out. Phil from Wilson Pet also was a huge help. He was taking care of the door prize table as well as handing out our extra gift to our veterans. Each current and former military member received a $25 Best Fish Gift Certificate, a moonlight and one of our LED coral viewing flashlight/key chain. This was in addition to our normal door prize drawing. We Thank You for your service! Wish we could do more. Final count was 27 veterans claiming their gifts.

Our friends Kurt and Joyce did a great job on the grill the rain...until a WRS member, Darius (do not know his screen name), brought out his tent for them. Thanks so much Darius for your thoughtfulness. The brats were delicious again and thanks to Jason (Scote2583) for driving them down from Sheboygan. He made the trip just to drop them off and had to turn around a go right back. We could have at least met him half way.

Ron and Ellen from Limpits were a huge help. Saved us time by picking up the tents as well. With the sale from their great food, $348 was donated to "Badger Honor Flight". Thanks to all that purchased Limpits Reef Buffet that day.

Jon (Aimforever) and Andy (Fish Doctor) did a great job as well with their great selection of corals they sold in the front showroom. Jon is moving out of state so this was his last frag swap in the area. We wish him the best of luck and success. He is setting up again at his new home, in fact that was the reason I left for Florida the next day after the party. He had a tank on order from me that was broken when my trailer tipped over on my last trip. I was able to get his replacement tank back here in time before he leaves this week.

There will be some more changes next year, perhaps more focus on our Veterans. I had an email from a customer suggesting having a donation container next to the food and prize tables, all the money could go towards Wounded Warrior, etc. I like that idea. Regardless of what we come up with next time, I do hope that everyone had a good time this year in spite of the inconveniences. This day is meant for you. Judy and I believe it is worth the expense and work involved to Thank You All for your support these last few years.

Brian and Judy
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