looking to setup a nano tank

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looking to setup a nano tank

Postby tim85851 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 10:39 am

Hey MARS...
I have finally decided that I want to start my very first saltwater tank. Please bare with me and my dumb questions...

I am going to be using my Aqueon Evolve 8 tank and modding the filter based off of videos and other forum posts...
I already have a Marineland LED light, not sure of the ratings but it is as wide as the tank and lights it up pretty good...

I would like to have the tank setup with a clownfish or two and possibly an anemone and corals if my light is capable...

does anyone on here have a nano tank setup?
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Re: looking to setup a nano tank

Postby Longinus on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:17 am

I feel like 8 gallons is pushing it for two clowns, I am setting up a BC14 and am hesitant to put two clowns in the tank. When I had my 33g in good shape I never stocked more heavily than 2 clowns, an angel fish and a clown goby, but I generally think lighter stocking is better. Do you have a sump of some type on your tank? More water volume will help for sure, and with that small of a space you would need to make sure your clowns are paired I believe. With frequent water changes you may be ok, but I would put at most one clown in the tank, otherwise I would go with a smaller, cleaner species for easier maintenance and better fish health.
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