Blue Line 55 External

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Blue Line 55 External

Postby Aztek1 on Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:16 am

The wife and I had gone to Apple Fest in Gays Mills, WI. On the way there we past up a few garage sales, I happened to come across one that had a tank and some supplies. This man was in possession of the external pump, he said I could have it at no cost because it was seized and had been seized for some time :shock: . I decided to take it home and see what I would be able to come up with.

I was able to get it the shaft moving, and I plugged it in, boy did it sound like a freight train. I completely dismantled the housing, and realized it was the rear bearing that was shot, ball bearings fell out of the housing when I opened it. the seals were also gone, no way to tell what bearing it took, well with some looking around I called Champion Lighting and learned that Champion was charging $25.00 for a new bearing, but they didn't have a part number for the bearing :? . Looked around on the net some more and found the that front bearing closest to the magnetic drum is #6202Z and the rear is #6200, I found both bearings at Motion Industries in Madison for $ 24.00 total for both :D . I decided to replace the front one since I already had it apart.

Put it back together and it is running like a champ great flow, very quiet. I lucked out, since it only cost me a few hours of work and $24.00 to fix.

I do have the address to where I got it from, I will sending a thank you and some money to them, considering I got it for free and was able to get it to work. Just thought I would share that. :D :D :D :D
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