could use a hand with sps

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could use a hand with sps

Postby mkoop on Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:27 pm

Hey, joined the forums a few months ago and have been lurking waiting to catch word of a club meet up. Alone and unafraid so far and could really use some guidance. Specifically I could use some help getting my SPS on track... All LPS including frogspawn, hammers, zoas, palys, chalice, echinata are all thriving and have shown considerable growth and great color.

I am failing with my SPS and I am not sure why.

I have a green slimer that has polyps fully extended always, though has shown no growth (he's been around 2 months and was my initial test to see if he would do okay before I got some montis).

I got an acro and monti earlier this month as a trial and it has been a losing battle ever since. They looked gorgeous and I feel like it's been a constant struggle to keep them alive, and I'm not sure why.

My tank is a 180g display with a 75g sump of which ~40 is a chaeto/pod fuge. 2-3" sand bed in display. I have a SRO2000INT skimmer and 2x tunze 6105's pionting at one another on opposite ends of the tank.

Lighting is 3x AI sol blues, currently running at 80% whites, 90% blues and royals.

Only algae really is a small diatom bloom about 2"x3" on an area of the sand bad and a small bit of cyano in the fuge. There is a bit of particulate in the water column.

Up until tonight over the past month I have been running GFO in a reactor. I took it off line tonight in preparation of trying to get things on track with vodka dosing. I plan to start dosing this weekend and wanted to have the GFO off line for a few days before hand.

I am also doing weekly 10% water changes (*these coorespond with the alk drops seen on the 7th, 14th and 21st) which have kept up with Ca and Mg needs, I have been dosing alk(baked baking soda) though consumption is still very slow.

My acro isn't bleaching or turning brown really, it is a lighter brown I suppose, almost as if it just has no color (though it is not bleached bone white, it still has tissue). No polyp extension on the acro at all day or night.

Monti's turn brown and one has some bleaching from outside in. I'm really at a loss and have exhausted my resources. I think the right direction is to start trying vodka dosing to bring my nitrates down but would really like some other opinions as I am very inexperienced with SPS. They have been stagnant ~10 on salifert low range.

I've attached some data that may be helpful.


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Re: could use a hand with sps

Postby starboard on Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:59 pm

temperature looks a bit high try to get it down to 77F .
Make sure you have some good flow and some high light.
Try to dose your tank with some type of amino acid / carbohydrate type of supplement a couple times a week at least.
Also maybe try to gradually get your dkh stable between 9 and 11
Other than that good luck!
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Re: could use a hand with sps

Postby jelly on Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:59 pm

run your temp about 82 to 83 and you will get more growth.. that's what I did with my temp and got good growth until I redid my tank
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