DIY Skimmer Delay Timer

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DIY Skimmer Delay Timer

Postby drdavis on Tue May 06, 2014 6:06 pm

This project is good for systems with an in sump skimmer without a controller that can delay the start of a skimmer. In my seahorse tank the skimmer would go nuts when the water level in the sump was high (i.e. any time the power was off. I wanted something that would delay the start of the skimmer 5-10 min. until the water level had time to stabilize. <br /><br />Cost of the timer from Amazon $19. All of the rest of the parts were things I had laying around. <br /><br /><br />Here is the timer I mentioned. <br />Image<br />If you can wire a switch in your home this should not be too difficult. <br /><br />Back of the package <br /><br />Image<br />Close up of the timer. I cut the jumper in the middle because I was wiring it to 120 V outlet. <br /><br />Image<br />I had a nail in double gang box handy but did not need the nail in tabs so I used the dremel tool to grind them off. <br /><br />ImageImage<br />I drilled a hole where the power cord would go.<br /><br /><br />Image<br />Cut a 5 inch section from the power cord, it will be used later. <br />Image<br />I put a simple knot in the power cord so it cannot be pulled out. <br /><br /><br />Image<br />Wired the ground and the neutral wires to the outlet. The hot black wire is the one that gets connected to the switch.<br /><br />Image<br />I removed the black piece of wire from the 5 inc section of power cord cut at the beginning.<br /><br />Image<br />I put terminal ends on both black ends that would get connected to the timer to make it easy to connect. <br />ImageImage<br />When you connect your timer you want to pay attention to the outlet side of the timer and connect it to the "load" side of the timer. Connect the black wire from the power cord to the other side. <br /><br />Image<br />I test fit things one more time before plugging it in and giving it a try.<br /><br />Image<br />I set the time to 5 min <br />Image<br />The test went great and it was ready to get buttoned up. I silicones the timer against the gang box wall and used liquid black tape on all open connectors. For good measure I put some silicone around all other open seals on the box just to prevent any long term use issues. <br /><br />If you build one of these I hope you will post how it goes.<br /><br /><br /><br />

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