my new additions

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my new additions

Postby Brad_608 on Sat Feb 12, 2005 11:31 am

well I stopped by aquatic specialties

and this is what I got

a rock about 6 in. long with 7 ricordia polyps ------ 50$
( green with white polyps/tentacles )

a rock alittle bigger than a fist with some zoa's ( orange skirt red ring green center ) also came with three aptasia :x
------ 25$ a little high if ya ask me

a rock with several small mushroom polyps ( reddish) --- 5$

a blue clown goby --- $12.99

and the pride and joy of the new additions a single polyp ric thats
translucent green with translucent orange in it :shock:
just gorgeous , can't wait till it starts splitting :D -- 20$

will get some pics later

quick question : is there a way to encorouge rics to split?

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Postby meisen on Sat Feb 12, 2005 2:49 pm

Hey Brad,

The rics will probably need a month or two before you start slicing them. Sounds like they may be a little bleached (I think I saw the ones you wound up buying) so just let them be for now. They will certainly recover, very tough animals IME. They like med-high light and meduium+ flow. Mine even tolerate the higher flow on my reef crest because, again, as is said so many times, most tanks arent near natural levels of flow. Rics are back-reef hard bottom animals typically so there is often a mix of rough/cloudy/bright and higher nutrient conditions where they are found in the wild. They will split on their own when conditions become favorable for a long period of time (I dont see any increased split frequency with stress like in anemones).

You can feed them to increase the chances that they will split for you. Mine eat cocktail shrimp/mysis pieces but the trick is feeding them without other animals stealing it. Some folks have found that a shot glass inverted over them while feeding works. Or just feed everything all at once and hope they hang onto the food. You may need to turn down the pumps to allow them to feed on bigger chunks.

A riskier way to prop them is to cut their foot off and then pizza-pie them into four pieces. Leave a little tissue on the rock where you cut them from too. It will usally turn into a new baby (sometimes, you can even leave several tissue "clumps" if it is a larger polyp). Take each pizza slice and put it in a rubble tray with identical flow and light to the home spot. Each little piece will usually attach to a piece of rubble in time and form a new animal. Dont do this with your last/only animal as it is riskier and you do have a chance of losing some/all of the frags. Mine usually make it at around 75% survival rate (one of the four typically doesnt make it).
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