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Do you use RO/DI Water?

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Postby Mark on Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:06 pm

Middleton water, around 400 TDS last I checked ... 0-1 out of RO/DI.

However - when those filters started to go ... was in the 20's. Back to zero again - happy tanks for the last two years of my keeping, my wife got RO at the LFS before [nano].

I use my spare Mag 7 in my mixing rubbermaid ... is that overkill? :lol:
Plenty of aeration - though I tend to every other week change about 6-10 gallons on my 58 ... so 15 - 20%. On my softie tank it's far, far less % and often - but it seems like large changes on the stony tank has a positive effect. Part of the interceptor treatment for red bugs asks for large changes [and I did extra] after dosing the chemical ... and it seems like when my tank seems slightly `in a funk' I do some large changes and it perks up again. When it's doing good, smaller changes.

I go for aged water, preferably a few days. However, be sure to monitor and keep that at proper salinity. I've come close to adding water - then realized evaporation [at 79 deg] moved it to 1.029 or something and was thankful I tested.

Anyway - I'm darn happy with RO/DI.
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