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draining speed

Postby Toddah on Tue Apr 05, 2005 9:18 pm

The reason the tank drains faster when the airline is plugged is there is a siphon created when the airline is plugged. the weight of the water falling down the pipe creates suction at the water inlet of your overflow and that will make the water run faster.
The instructions for your overflow was the airline opening should be just above the desired waterline and if the water rises above the desired level then it plugs the air line intake and increases the flow rate by creating the siphon on the drain pipe, kind of an automatic flow rate increase on demand.
Many people start with no airline hole in the top of the pipe cap and drill a very small hole in the cap, then if the water drains fast enough to drain the overflow box you increase the size of the hole by a very small amount and see if it still is draining to fast. keep doing this until you find the right size hole to balance the system out.
On occasion (weekly) you will need to clean out the vent hole as they tend to get plugged with salt buildup on some systems.
If you need a hand I have the different sized drills and stuff to do this if you guys don't have them.

By the way GREAT MEETING and thenks alot for all your efforts
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