Thanks, spbreeder!

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Thanks, spbreeder!

Postby Carinya on Sat Apr 02, 2005 9:00 pm

Thanks for hosting the meeting. What a great time!

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Postby BraenDead on Sat Apr 02, 2005 10:05 pm

Thanks a lot for hosting the meeting! I can't wait to see your tank in another year after it has grown in and is full of coral :)

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Postby SilverSurfer on Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:30 pm

yup yup, great tank, makes me wanna just give up all my FW tanks and have one big SW tank, lol.

Thanx for the frags i recieved from fellow members, can't wait for them to start growing and be in good health again...

Great get together! Nice meeting everyone finally, thanx Denise.
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Postby Rueg on Sun Apr 03, 2005 8:37 am

Yes, thanks for hosting the meeting. And for the drinks and wonderful chicken. I decided that the particle size of the bucket of sand was a little too large for a DSB. Go ahead and add it to your kids sandbox.

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Postby tapper of spines on Sun Apr 03, 2005 8:48 am

I'll throw another THANKS onto the pile. We had a great time. Thanks again for hosting!

Don't forget to let us know how it goes when you open up that valve on the pump. :D

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Postby newbie on Sun Apr 03, 2005 1:15 pm

yeah i just wanna say thanks for hosting and having us. To everyone that answered all my questions and fellow members that gave me frags and cheetos thanks alot greatly appreciated THANKS Sophath
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