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New tank

Postby moujon on Mon Apr 25, 2005 10:59 am

You knew it would happen- the 2nd official SW tank is going at the Gooch house...

It's a 46 bow setup, nothing fancy on this one. Going to keep it simple and with a light bioload. The engineer fish just kept relandscaping and since they really are cool fish, I figured they deserved their own domain. They'll end up sharing it with a maroon clown that couldn't go in the 180, and probably a goby or something else small. Think of it as sort of a big nano tank.

This will really never have a DSB since the engineers dig so much- so I'll have to watch the nitrate/nitrite levels- but with enough LR it should be okay- more like maintaining a FW tank. I'll let some macro grow in here to keep things under control.

And the water isn't green- but between the gold walls and the glass- it sure looks that way. Going to have my daughter paint a background for this.

Here's a couple of pics as it gets going:
Full setup:


Close up:
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