Black Friday Pre-Sales

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Black Friday Pre-Sales

Postby Best Fish on Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:35 pm

Just too excited to wait any longer to pass along savings! So we are going to start the party now!!

Boxes of salt: Our regular pricing is better than online or other stores ..our sale pricing is just plain cheap.
200 Gal Kent Box of salt for $38 or 3 for $109!
200 Gal Box of Coral Life - $36 or 3 for $100!

Livestock --- we cant drop the prices any faster ......
Kleini Butterfly - $12
Algae Blenny - $8
Firefish Gobies -$5
Engineer Gobies - $4
Peppermint Shrimp - $3
Assorted Damsels - $2
Mexican Turbo Snails -$1

Please mention these prices when checking out unless you prefer to pay regular pricing - its ok with us :-)

Mark, Brian and Judy

"Best Fish"
1335 N. Dr Martin Luther King
Mil 414-224-0486

(More deals to come... will add more items during the upcoming week)
Best Fish
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