July News Letter and Specials

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July News Letter and Specials

Postby Best Fish on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:08 pm

Greetings all ~

Just a few updates about some new products I have brought in.

Have 3 new clip on LED lights that can be used for refugiums or desktop aquariums. I just bought a few of each to see what they were like. Will be ordering more of them as I think they will work out well. Plus I have my first 3w LED Strip Light. Think there is a limited application for these, but had to try one.

I now stock Ultra Life's Red Slime Remover that consistently gets better reviews than Chemi Clean for Cyno. Always try a 3 day lights out first as that often takes care of the problem. Of course we need to look for the cause of the red slime, typically poor circulation, aging bulbs, high nitrates/phosphates, etc. This product is very effective though to clean things up immediately.

I brought in Premium Aquatics Bulk GFO. Sells for $19.99 per pound in any quantity and if there is a demand, I may be able to do better. Would like to hear some feedback from someone comparing this to Bulk Reef Supplies GFO. I believe this is about the same price, maybe a little better. I still carry Brightwells GFO and was surprised that their 2.6lb container is $48.99, which actually comes out slightly cheaper. I guess I assumed , like many of you that the bulk would be less. So we have options.

I also now have a few pieces of Black Egg Crate.... 2 x 2 pcs for $12. Will have 2x4' pcs soon.

Aqua-Tech Co., manufacturer of Phyto2, launched it’s newest product at the Marine Aquarium Conference of Illinois this spring and we are happy to announce that we will be carrying it. AZOX Macro Coral Diet is comprised of various size zooplankton, gut loaded with phytoplankton and selected for their size, nutrition and attraction by coral. These small meaty particles are neutrally buoyant, packed with energy and ideal in aquariums with both photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic specimens such as gorgonia. The product includes 9 types of copepods, two strains of rotifer, two strains of brine shrimp nauplii, 3 strains of phytoplankton and appetite stimulators. Packaged in a convenient pump dispenser the product is easily broadcast fed. It will retail for $19.99 but ask for it at our introductory price of $15 this month. It is due to arrive in the store on July 19th.

Read more: http://reefbuilders.com/2012/02/21/azox ... oral-food/

I also brought back some new tanks made by "Deep Blue". Below is what I have in stock, only 1 each. Also, here is a link to what is available. http://www.deepblueprofessional.com/web ... MPERED.pdf I can take orders and will be bringing more back every live rock trip. I really like the new sizes. Again I apologize for the limited supply of these. I filled my truck to the brim...actually left my spare tire and some dry rock in Florida because I ran out of room. But now that I saw these tanks, I will bring more every trip. Stop in and see them while they are still here.

Frag Tanks (Framed)



Opti-Pure glass (Starphire) -Low Iron


Frag Tanks (Rimless)



DB 80 Reef Ready RIMLESS FRAG TANK 48X24X16

I recently did receive another Innovative Marine order in, still the nicest "Bio Cube" type tank in my opinion. In addition, I will shortly have another line in the store, hopefully by the 18th. Aquatop.. a lower priced alternative for curved glass desktop tanks. Will let you know what I think of them in the future. They seem to be priced right, especially with my first order discount.

Fish and Corals have been coming in great!! If you have not been here since Memorial Day, we did redo our Saltwater fish lighting and are very happy with the new look. Been getting some outstanding maricultured acros in. Some stores reduce stock in the summer (being the slow time in this business) but we try to maintain a high inventory. Let us know if there is anything you are looking for. We still get weekly shipments, but usually just 2 a week rather than the 3 - 4 per week in prime time.

I still have some of the old style Marineland Reef Led's at unbelievably great prices. Again, there is limited useful application of these lights but are appropriate in some circumstances.
18-24" - $89

24-36" - $129

36-48" - $169

48 -60" - $209

In addition, we have $25.00 mail in rebates on the above lights, which really makes this a great deal. Very limited quantities, so email me if you want me to put one aside.

Don't forget to try Limpits Coral Blend Food which I recently got in. Mention this flyer and get $2.00 off for July.

Miscellaneous Sale Items for the rest of July:

Gallons of Kent Magnesium - $25.00

200 Gallon Box of Kent Marine Salt - $40

200 Gallon Box of Reef Crystals - $46

125 Gallon Tank - $265

125 Gallon Reef ready with plumbing kits - $389

Flipper Cleaning Magnet -- Here's your chance if you didn't get one yet -$29. This thing always gets great reviews.

Close outs:

Finnex - 48" - 4 bulb T5 with row of 1w LED Blue lights - $279 (Prefer some other brands so no longer will be carrying these.)

Our 50 Gallon Neo Storm Display Model Frag tank - - (They have been discontinued by manufacture) - $1250. Includes tank, Light hanging bracket, stand lined with an acrylic drip plate, sump and return motor

36" Hamilton 6 bulb T5 Unit - $350.00 This is a quality unit, the knock on it is too many cords (5). But functionally is an excellent light!

Thank you all for your support!

Brian and Judy

"Best Fish"
1335 N. 3rd (King Dr)
Mil Wi 53212

Here is the link to our Saltwater instock list:
https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key ... y=CPr0p60I

(414) 224-0486
Fax (815) 425-8948


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