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Yes we have Fish!!

Postby Best Fish on Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:17 pm

Now's the time to stop in as we received a lot of fish and corals this week...may be the most we ever got in yet! Everything will be out by Friday morning. Keep in mind that it sometimes takes a day or two before they adjust and respond normally but so far everything looks great. Lots of nice fish, Aussie Harlequin, Pair of Flame wrasses, dragonface pipes...just to name a few.

Check our online stock list for a full listing.
Also received a shipment of really nice larger coral pieces from Australia so our coral tanks are packed. We have a beautiful football size Aussie Elegant Coral for under a $100! Its looking great but they can be difficult. Lots of scolys and acans as well. The ORA red goniporas from the last shipment are gorgeous!

Our hardgood selection continues to grow as well. More new items such as a frag trees, Cobalt Neo Therm heaters, new cube size (75gal) Deep Blue Rimless tank with Starphire name a few.

Radion LED pre-order offer. Prepay 50% down and take delivery after November 15th...$649! Plus ask how to get a free 200 gallon box of salt when you make your deposit.

Have a great weekend!


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