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What's new at "Best Fish"........

Postby Best Fish on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:57 am

Been adding a few items over that last couple of months
, some of which I may have not mentioned before. Here are some new things we now stock plus a list of things you may not have known that we carry.

Nylon Screen - 1/4" Mesh. We have both bulk size sheets as well as precut pieces. Now you can buy just what you need. For example, you can get a 6' x 18" piece for your 125 gallon tank for $8.00.

Speedwave DC pumps. Variable Speed High Performance Submersible DC Pump. Speedwave, WaveLine, and Diablo DC pumps are all made by the same company. That company makes them and sells the branding. Look to be a great new item, of course only time will tell.

Just to remind you, we did start stocking the Reef Flo pumps a while back. Their BlowHole and Gold Dart are in stock. We also still have multiple other brands including Eheim, Aqueon, Marineland and Mag Drives.

AT circulation pumps. New item comparable to Hydor Korelias. They say will not start in reverse when used with wave makers and will be slightly less in price. I just purchased a couple and am trying them here in the store. First impression is good. Very strong magnet! Will keep you updated.

Dosing pumps in stock. $84.99.

Bulk Reef Supply chemicals and starter packages.

New Magnetic probe holders as well as dosing line holders. Stronger magnet than the Eshopps brand.

We continue to stock the Radion G2 fixtures as well as their Pro model. The feedback on these are always the same...Wow! The Razor is also a great LED fixture that continues to be our best seller. Have the Kessils 150 and 350w in but are not getting the best of feedback. (Not matching the good reviews I see online.)

Neptune Apex back in stock along with most of their accessories/cables, etc including their Leak detectors. A few things still back-ordered but as the "season" comes to an end, they should be caught up soon and I will have everything again. Thanks to all of you that patiently waited for some of their out of stock items.

I continue to take orders for RJ furniture quality oak stands and canopies. Will drive them back when I go down for Live Rock. Need something this coming trip, deadline is the 9th. Deep Blue Rimless tanks are pretty much in stock but if I am out of anything I will also bring that back for you as well.

Dry Eco rock still coming in very nice. Pick out the shape and sizes you want. Most is $2.50 per pound. However we do get the shelf pieces and foundation pieces that you seldom see anywhere else ($3.50 per lb)

Started stocking the Red Sea test kits. Seem to be on par with Salifert, may be a little better buy.

ATO (auto top offs), I now stock three major brands. JBJ, Reef Dynamics and Tunze Osmolator ($199). The Tunze is very nice with both an electric eye and float switch. Nice mounting options plus it includes the pump. In addition I do have the Tsunami ($59), a simple design that has a probe that turns your pump off and on. We recommend adding a timer to this for additional insurance against failure. Then we have the highest risk method as well, float valves on arm. An inexpensive alternative but only use with a limited amount of top off water so if it does fail its not a disaster.

I also ordered in a Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410. So often the other nice skimmers are too tall for underneath a conventional stand. With an immersion depth from 5.5 in. to 9.4 in. and a height of only 16.4 in, this may be a nice option. Rated to up to 264 gallons and will retail at $335. It has the name..."Tunze" ...so I am assuming it will be a great skimmer.

Recently sold another Omega 150 Vertex skimmer and I "think" it received another great review. She emailed me thanking for our help and said her new skimmer "stinks". Whole basement smells when she emptied the collection cup...with all that it pulled out. They replaced a Reef Octopus XP2000. So I think that’s quite an endorsement.

We now stock Brightwells Angel Lixir, a Food Soak for spongivorous Angels, Butterflies, etc. Since Ocean Nutrition no longer sells their angel formula, thought this may be a substitute sponge source. Always been a debate as to how much benefit there is from these type of products but this is the only sponge based product that I am aware of.

We carry Matrix, a filter media for a canister filter. Although we try to direct customers to other filtration systems for saltwater, there are still many people that go that direction or purchased it previously on the advice from other stores. Matrix is a media that encourages anaerobic bacteria growth so should not produce nitrates. Being skeptical, I changed our discus system to utilize only this product along with a carbon pad. Its been running this way for about 2 months now and so far nitrates remain at zero. We do about 20% weekly water changes so that must be considered. However we also extremely overfeed these fish as well.. 5- 6 times per day. Plus the amount of Matrix we used was just the recommended 1L per 100 gallons. Seachem suggests that we should see the same results in saltwater. But may not be as effective in reducing high nitrates in an existing tank unless more media is used.

Speaking of Canister filters, some the Aqua Top units come with a built in 9 watt UV sterilizer that is a good buy... $119. So if Matrix continues to do as advertised, could run this filter without negative consequences. This is not what we would suggest for a saltwater tank. Still highly recommend a refugium!

We have 4 stage 100 gpd RO systems in stock ($170). We do sell all the replacement cartridges and the DI resin...most at a better price than the online kits. Plus I have the 100 gpd TFC membranes. We do carry the solenoid valves so that you can safely attach your product water to a float valve without having the waste water continue to flow down the drain. We also stock the RO hose, flow restrictors and hose bib connectors.

GFO... we have it all! Looking for a reactor, we have the TLF phosban reactors, BRS media reactors, and the Reef Octopus highly rated media reactors.

Chillers..... but maybe not needed if this global cooling continues. 1/10th HP- $399, or 1/4HP - $549

Refractometers are in stock at $39.99. I still keep our swing arms around and mark on them how far off they are. Just for a quick convenient way to check our systems. But you need a refractometer as its amazing how far off many of these hydrometers are. We stock the calibration solution for them, as well as for your ph probes. I have some conductivity calibration solution that is getting close to their recommended expiration date. Will give them out free, just ask. No sense having them go to waste.

We do stock the Finnex Titanium heaters and their controllers. You can plug your existing heaters into these controllers and that gives you some redundancy to protect your tank from overheating. I still have not found a heater that I am thrilled with. Seems like when I get 4 - 5 positive feedbacks, a negative experience will be relayed to me. So right now the Aqueons are our biggest seller since they have a lifetime warranty. Just call them and they have been great with taking care of any problems. So these heaters plugged into a controller is as pretty good combo. Of course titaniums are nice in that they are virtually unbreakable.

Have some inexpensive ($19) moonlights in stock now. Can actually be submersed if you wish. Plus we have a Deep Blue single bulb 3w Led light that is reasonably priced at $24. Comes in a 67K or Red, both ideal for refugiums , and Blue for adding that extra pop.

We still receive some of the best feedback on the Azox Coral Food of any other coral food we sell (except Limpits). They are now releasing S.E.L.C.O. BOOST. http://www.aquatechco.com/SELCO.php and we hope to have that in stock in May. We do carry their phyto plankton, 2 strains in separate bottles. Much better than mixed like the DT. I also have pods...both Tisbees which are better for reproducing and the larger Tigrio.

Looking ahead, we want to add a few more Tunze items, Vertex Calcium reactors and all the components needed to set up your reactor. Then we have to stop with new products for the summer. These last few years we have literally put every dollar back into this store to get to the point we are at. During the upcoming summer months, our "off season", we need to catch up on some of our other obligations.

Judy and I have been blessed to still have her 94 year old dad and my 85 year old mother in our lives. When Judy leaves here every day, she then goes to her "2nd job" and takes care of their needs. They each are fortunate to still be in their own homes and I have been neglecting some of the basic upkeep. Plus I have had another project that has been on hold for 2 years and I am going to complete that as well. So for the summer, "Best Fish" will be in a "maintain" mode. No expansion till fall. You will not see any decrease in quality or service here at "Best Fish", other than I will cut my 7 days, 14-16 hours per day work week down to five 10 hr days during that period. Many of my hours now are devoted to expansion. That part is what will be on hold. Please let me know if you see anything that is suffering or lacking at Best Fish during that period. We will correct it. Thanks so much for all your support!


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