Thank you Cliff (Madcityreefer) & Scott (Starboard)

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Thank you Cliff (Madcityreefer) & Scott (Starboard)

Postby Best Fish on Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:05 pm

Wanted to share this with you all. Had our Memorial Day party and Judy and I were completely blown away by the generosity and surprise some Wisconsin Reef Club members put together. Below is what I posted on WRS, kind of a funny story as well. Cliff & Scott are members of MARS and WRS

tomstechnic wrote:Had a great time, as expected. Thank you so much Brian and Judy. We will work on a WRS T-shirt for next year :D


So they could not have asked for a better setup/straight man. Most of you may not be aware of the awesome gifts these WRS members gave Judy and I.


Anyways, I had some CR (Chicago Reef) members attend the party. Before they left, they gave me a CR "T-Shirt", which was very thoughtful of them. So me, being the smart a$$ that I am, held the shirt up to show KT (the WRS president) with a comment about I dont even have a WRS shirt yet. Little did I that moment they got Judy to come outside. Jason (plainrt) and Ron (Limpits) then presented us with gifts to show their appreciation for "Best Fish". They presented us with this beautiful sign.


(Also, the glass fish with the plant in it was made and given to us by Devon from Sommerville Glass )

In addition, the above listed WRS members took up a collection in the members area of WRS and with the extra funds, gave us a gift certificate for Emilys Restaurant as well as a Visa gift card with the balance they collected. We plan to take our entire crew out for dinner and drinks.

This was a total unexpected surprise. We can not thank you enough or express what it means to us. I had to fight back the tears while Ron was giving us these gifts. I saw Jason standing there and I knew immediately that he was the one to initiate this. He is always the first to help out other hobbyists and it does not go unnoticed. To all of you who signed the card... this makes what we do so worthwhile. Judy and I always look at life as a series of memories...and you all certainly added a memory that will last forever.


Brian and Judy
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