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New Product Update

Postby Best Fish on Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:25 pm

Have a few newer items in that I wanted to tell you about. The first item is the Multi-Media Reactors ---come in two sizes and all hoses, valves and pumps are included. I sold quite a few and have had all positive feedback. We finally got around to setting one up here in the store as well. Am very pleased with the unit. Easy assembly, priced much better than others ($46.99 with the pump). So far I prefer these over the TLF and the BRS reactors. You can see it in action next time you stop. Its on one of the tanks in the hall when you first walk in. Second item is the RO 50gpd Unit. Not a bad unit for the money. Tyler took one home and found it easy to hook up, etc. We sold out of what we had in stock (more ordered). All positive feedback and of course its nice not having to lug those buckets around. The RO with the DI is on sale this month for $88, uses the same cartridges/membranes as all the other units on the market. When I researched this item before bringing it in, the only complaint I found was with the plastics. (the mounting bracket not being real sturdy, etc) Hopefully more will arrive early next week. Finally the Repashy foods have been getting good reviews as well. Goes a long way and overall the fish really go crazy for this food.

Anyone that has used any of those items, please share your reviews as well...good and bad. Your feedback is very valuable to me, if I hear too many negative things, I just close out on them.

Here are other new items I now have in stock. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on these as well.

- Automatic Auto Feeding System - Finally received a few (3)
- AWM Module for your Hyrdas or Vegas

New Fragging Supplies:
- Reef Glue Accelerator. As its name implies, just spray on and your glue will set instantly
- Colored Ceramic Plugs will now be offered regularly along with our normal frag plugs from Alternative Reef.
- 2 New Reef Glues in 2oz bottles ... One is Coralline colored and both are a thicker reef gel with squeeze bottle. (Sorry no feedback yet)
- Reef Glue Debonder -- Helps in removing frags from plugs.

Razor Nano Light ... 7Aod7xkAMg

40 gal Power Filter with 7w UV Light included - $59.99 Though maybe more than needed, people have been using these on their quarantine tanks as well.

We also have the latest G3 models of the Radions in stock, G3 and G3 Pro. Plus we have the Hydra and the Hydra 52's. The Reef Link and the Director both in stock as well. There is now an app out for the Reef Link so its now compatible with Android.


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