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Sneak Peak July Specials

Postby Best Fish on Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:46 pm

Working on getting our July Email flyer out and thought I would post some of what will be on this months flyer. We will be closing an hour early on July 4th (5pm) , otherwise regular hours.

July Specials!

Deep Sea Aquatics Tanks ~ This company was formally "Oceanic" that was bought out and closed many years ago. Employees re-opened as DSA and continue to make the highest quality aquariums as well as specializing in custom tanks. We are currently stocking their 65 gallon Rimless tanks with a great new footprint. 36" x 20" wide and only 21" high!

65gal DSA Rimless Reef Ready Tank ($499) ..... On sale for $379

65gal DSA Rimless Tank ($399) ..... On sale for $299

65gal DSA Rimless Tank with "XAQUA" included and installed! ($599) ..... On sale for $469

JBJ Frag or Shallow Reef tank ($299) On sale for $265

The above tanks were on display outside at our Memorial day Event.

Other tanks on sale for July:

125 gal - $200
125 gal RR - $379 and that includes 2 overflow kits!

220 gal - $560
220 gal RR - $699 and that includes 2 overflow kits!

ATI T-5 Bulbs --- all spectrums:

24" - $15 36" - $16 48"- $17

HYDOR ATO ($99.99) Auto Top Off with Tom Aqualifter Pump... On sale for $79.99

AT Media Reactors ($49.99) On sale for $42 -includes pump! Great for GFO to control phosphates. Large Reactor ($69.99) - On sale for $59.99

100 GPD RO/DI Unit ($170) .... On sale for $149

Salt Specials:

175 Gal Red Sea Coral Pro (Black Bucket) - $59.99

Coral Life 200 gallon Box - $39.99

Watch for our flyer, a few more items on sale plus don't forget to monitor our Green Sheet specials! Email me to ask to be added to our monthly email list.

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