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Postby Best Fish on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:06 pm

Black Friday Sale

We will be offering a discount on all livestock purchased this Friday - 25% Off!! Livestock discounts are on fish, corals, LIVE ROCK and Inverts picked up on Friday only. (Sorry we can not hold fish ahead of time.)

In addition, the following Hardgood items will be on sale starting now and will continue thru Sunday only, while supplies last:

Limpits Reef Buffet 10 oz - $10! Coral Blend - $10!!
Kent 200 Gal box Salt - $36.00 Box
Red Sea Coral Pro Black 175g Bucket - $55
Aqua Vitrol Salinity 225gal Bucket - $65
160 Gallon Bucket Reef Crystals - $46

Kent Tech M 64oz Magnesium - $19

EcoTech MP10 Wireless - 15% Off (Discount honored Friday thru Monday)

29 gal HQI (Halide lighting)Bio Cube - $389
125 Gallon Aqueon Tank 72"x 18" wide - $185!!!
DSA 65 gallon Rimless Tank - 36"x 21" wide - $285

Aquatop 400 Canister Filter with 9w UV Light - $65
Eshopp Dosing Pump - 2 Heads with built in timer/programmer - $149

Reef Saver Dry Rock - $1.90 lb

The livestock sales are only for Black Friday, sorry no exceptions. We are open our regular hours that day 10am- 6pm.
Closed on Thanksgiving Day.
All hard good sale items good thru the weekend while supply lasts.

Please remember our soldiers and their families during this upcoming Holiday and Christmas Season.

Happy Thanksgiving From all of us at "Best Fish"!

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura, Tyler and Mark


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