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Postby Best Fish on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:55 am

We are open normal hours today till 6pm. Get your fish now so they can celebrate New Years Eve with their new family!!! We will be closing early on New Years Day...Open 10am to 4pm.


Tomorrow.. stop in for our New Years Day Sale!!!!

So lets start the year out right with these ONE DAY ONLY SALE ITEMS. These prices only apply on January 1st, no rain checks, no holds, no promises, no exceptions. We will not be responding to any requests, begging, sob stories or briberies. :wink:

200 Gallon Box of Reef Crystals - $35 (Limit 3 boxes per family)

Yellow Tangs - $12. (Limit 3 per family while they last)

Firefish Gobies - $5 ((Limit 3 per family while they last)

Assorted Fusion Flake Foods - All at $4 (less than half price, new item and looking for feedback) Your choice of Mysis, Brine, Vegetable or Blood Worm Flakes.

Eshopps Hang on Protein Skimmer (PSK 75) - $79

Fuel - 1L Bottle - Regularly $26...On sale for $13.99....That’s under cost! Try it out on your corals. Our largest selling additive for reef tanks.

NO-POX Red Sea - We dose this in our coral system .. great for nitrate and phosphate control - $11

Cobalt 75W Heaters- Half Price - One Day Only - $30

All Freshwater Fish - 25% Off
All Corals and Frags - 25% Off

Finally bringing this in after multiple requests and reading all the great reviews...... Larry's Reef Frenzy - - "LRS" - - ... renzy.html

Contains FRESH WILD CAUGHT Seafood -- active Probiotics -- 5 Blends available...Reef Frenzy, Fish Frenzy which contains blackworms and fish eggs, Herbivore Frenzy and Fertility Frenzy. Also available in Nano and Chunky blend. This food has an impressive resume and you won't get it at a better price than on this New Year's Day intro price: $12 per package.

Thank you, we appreciate your business, and hope you all have a healthy upcoming year! We hope to continue to earn your trust. Although we have some changes in mind this upcoming year, our overall philosophy remains the same. Provide the best variety at the best pricing along with great service. Loyalty to our customers is foremost on our minds and we always try to giveback when we can.
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