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"Appreciation Week"

Postby Best Fish on Sun May 08, 2016 7:21 am

*****Memorial Day - Going a very different direction this year****

This year it is "Appreciation Week"!!

Judy and I have chosen to change our focus this year regarding our annual Customer Appreciation and Veterans Memorial Day party. Early this year the Maki family from Sheboygan experienced a devastating loss where they lost 3 of their 4 children in a house fire. We just can't begin to imagine what they must be going thru! We have decided to dedicate this year to Chris and Kristi Maki with the hope of raising funds that will be donated to them to do with as they wish. Rather than have our big three day Memorial Day outside party, we are going to run sales over a longer period of time, a 4 day period Memorial Day Weekend and then again the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (May 27th-30th and June 3rd-5th). During those many days we will still be giving away gifts to our customers, allowing you all to draw for items of different values. You will be welcome to just draw as in the past or you can “donate up”. By this I mean that you can choose to donate money for the Maki family by purchasing extra tokens which will increase your chances of pulling a higher level prize. No need to donate at all of course, we still have a free gift for you! (One per family) I will be following up with more details in future emails.

As in the past we will still offer many items at or below costs, tremendous livestock discounts and special recognition to our Veterans. It will just be spread out which will allow us to re-stock so everyone can get in on our giveaways. Then like I mentioned, no outdoor activities, rather we will donate money we typically spent on food, drinks, the band etc directly to the Maki’s. We will start out the donations with a $2000 check from “Best Fish” to the Maki family. Many vendors have been very generous as well with nice donations that we will utilize to support this event. We hope to provide a number of ways that anyone who wishes can contribute yet still use this event to give back to all of you as well. Plus we will still support our Veterans with extra gifts from "Best Fish" and direct some funds collected to "Honor Flight", a cause we have supported in previous years.

So a total of 7 days of savings! There will not really be an advantage of any one day over another. So come at your convenience! Splitting it up allows us to restock so you will have lotssssssss to choose from. On those Event days we will have our front showroom open specifically for you to draw for your free gift courtesy of Best Fish along with many generous vendors! We will have some great higher ticket items to raffle off as well! You will not be required to be present to win, rather we will make a video of the drawing and post that on our Facebook Page. Each raffle item will have a sign stating where the proceeds will be go to as we do still plan to support our Veterans as always! (Follow along on Facebook for the latest details: https://www.facebook.com/BestFishOnline?ref=hl )

With our additional focus on our Maki Family fundraiser, I wanted to do everything possible to increase interest in this already popular event. Our hope is to be able to both give back to all of you, plus our Veterans, as well as give everyone an opportunity to show their support to the Maki Family.

Future updates will only be about the actual event, about our sales, giveaways, raffles etc. The Maki's are very humble people and we need to be respectful of them. Below is just a little bit I want to share with you.

Thanks much....looking forward to seeing you all sometime during "Appreciation Week".

Brian, Judy, Kevin, Laura, Mark, Jake, Sara and Zach. ....."The Best Fish Crew"


Just a little about Chris, a Veteran – “Operation Iraqi Freedom and his wife Kristi. They were customers of ours over the years and they just very recently moved into a different house as theirs was a total loss. They donated their old lot to Habitat for Humanity so someone else can get a new start. I anticipate them setting up a new aquarium and we plan to help with that as well. They lost three children in the fire, Carter (7), Natalie (11)and Ben (10). Their 9 year old Jenna escaped unharmed. I am sure many of you saw news reports when this happened. Such a haunting, heartbreaking story.......We continue to offer our prayers as they grieve their loss.
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