What is the Community Forum?

The community forum is a place for sharing community items and benefiting the community. Look inside to see different threads with ideas for bettering the community and helping fellow community reefers!

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What is the Community Forum?

Postby nasanek on Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:22 pm

Hey Everyone,
My name is Nick and I have helped get the ball rolling on this new forum with lots of help from the moderators. I was inspired to start this up within MARS because of other MARS members' generosity, and I was heavily influenced by the last reef club I was a part of in DC http://wamas.org/home.php.

I hope this new community forum will serve two main functions:

1) To improve and enrich the connections between MARS members, strengthening our small community of people who care about reefs.

2) To take advantage of the MARS organization to improve our communities at large through improved education, volunteering, conservation efforts, and...who knows what else.

I have kicked this forum off with a few threads focusing on a pay-it-forward coral propagation program, a thread aimed to get more reef tanks in school classrooms, and a general volunteering thread for any and all volunteering related news. The equipment sharing thread has also been moved to this forum. I really hope this is a small start to what will become a great tool for enhancing our small MARS community, and all communities in the Madison area.

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Re: What is the Community Forum?

Postby bradnamber on Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:57 pm

Wow. What a great concept. It is certainly inspiring. I hope to contribute to this concept in someway in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to set this up, and get te ball rolling.
Brad Richards
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