Nopox dosing tank

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Nopox dosing tank

Postby Vandz on Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:54 am

I tried using nopox about a year ago with good results as far as dropping nitrates and phosphates, but after the first day I always had a bacteria bloom causing cloudy water. I cut the dosage down so far that I was using a 50/50 dilution of ro water and nopox and still clouded the water. My SWC 230 cone skimmer should be more than enough to handle my 240g system consisting of a 180g moderate to heavy stocked tank, 40g frag tank and 70g sump.
So I adapted the nopox dosing idea to a system I've heard of before but can't find anything on it anymore. Basically I have a 15g container drilled to loop into my sump with a separate pump controlled by a reefkeeper lite. The drain hose leads next to the inlet of the skimmer. This container is heated and circulated constantly with a wavemaker. There is eggcrate built into the container to add surface area for bacteria to grow. So I set the reefkeeper to turn the pump on for an hour, then off for 5 hours, repeating to get 4 cycles a day. 15 minutes after the pump turns off the nopox is added with my jebao dosing pump.
I started the system 2-4-18 around 5pm with a nopox dose of 2ml each cycle. My no3 was 10-15ppm using an API test kit and po4 .26ppm using red sea kit.
Retested Wednesday and got no3 at 3ppm and po4 at .16 both using red sea tests. Thursday no3 at 2ppm and po4 still at .16. Decided to reduce the dose to 1ml as too not drop the no3 too far. A visual slime buildup on the eggcrate is a good sign of bacteria flocks in the dosing container. No clouded water yet and increased skimming is noticed.
Friday update no3 at 1.5 and po4 at .14. My intention is to achieve a stable no3 at 1ppm and po4 at .08ppm. At that time I will try the red sea reef care part A and B as per dosing recommendations from red sea. I will update as I go.

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