FIFA 20: evaluations arrive from tomorrow 6 September

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FIFA 20: evaluations arrive from tomorrow 6 September

Postby SayMeImba on Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:02 am

FIFA 20 Comfort Trade The end of September is approaching step by step and FIFA 20 fever can only continue to increase at a dizzying pace especially among the ranks of European users. On the other hand on a continent that lives on football 365 days a year one could certainly not wait otherwise.

Also this year EA Sports does not intend to avoid the highly anticipated appointment which will start for FIFA 20 tomorrow 6 September.

The Electronic Arts football simulator is now ready to take the field officially for the first time this year when the demo is released scheduled for September 12th. A date obviously to be marked in red on the calendar for soccer fans from all over the world since it will allow us to test the videogames goodness of this new iteration of the Electronic Arts series.

The teaser shown on the social networks of EA Sports FIFA confirms this commitment and even if the time is not specified it is legitimate to expect news at 16:00 as usual for communications linked to the franchise.

The new VOLTA Football mode is eagerly awaited for the litmus test which will allow players to once again experience (after FIFA Street) the magical atmospheres of suburban pitches buy FUT 20 Comfort Trade challenging each other with devastating tricks and evolutions to the limits of the possible.

In FIFA 19 there was an ex aequo between the two players recognized as the strongest in the world namely Leo Messi of Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus (94) followed by Neymar Jr. of PSG at 92.

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