selling 20g long complete reef set up!

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selling 20g long complete reef set up!

Postby ricesoccer24 on Thu May 30, 2013 9:32 pm

I'm looking to sell my tank and all the equipment i have with it. What will be included. I'm looking to change into a nano cube or bio cube

20 gallon long fish tank.
2 aqueaon Hob filters.
1 aqueaon pump to circulate water.
1 heater for tank.
1 coralife 36" light 2 t5 HO, 2 Antic blue and 2 moonlights purchased this past winter in November.

Close to 500 dollars in equipment invested in the tank. Also the light is a little long i bought it this way so if i got a larger tank it would fit. This light will fit on a 40g breeder tank as well. Really looking to sell this as one because my tank is still up and running and until i have a confirmed buyer i'm not going to purchase a new tank. If you want more information on the tank or looking for more pictures that are more focused on a certain part let me know.
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