Switching tank so selling my old one

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Switching tank so selling my old one

Postby Lonelyreef on Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:23 pm

So didn't think I'd be posting this but I'm going todownsize from my current cube to something shorter. I like the cube shape but I guess after having the 80 rimless shallow tank for so long I just got use to it.
That and I need to reboot lost quite a few things when my doser stopped working from Alk swings. So I'm going to take the opportunity to fix my sump and get a shallower depth tank.

So I'm selling my 93 marineland cube dimensions are 30x30x24 tall. It's reef ready with 2 xaqua overflows which if any of you have been too best fish they are on the front tank in the very very front of the store. These things run dead quiet no lie and create a ripple effect across the surface. I'm looking to get 300 for the tank which is about half what I paid. If someone was intrested in just the tank. I'd be willing to do that as well but prefer to sell it as is since it's already drilled for the xaqua overflow. I'm selling off some livestock as well but that will be another post entirely.

Before anyone asks no not leaving the hobby. Just want to set things up little different seems like this is perfect time for me to do so. Any questions or offers please send me a pm.

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