Parting Out...

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Parting Out...

Postby danb0102 on Sun May 24, 2015 12:53 pm

Hello everyone, I'm downscaling my hobby and selling off just about everything I have. I have a lot of equipment so I'll be posting as I go through it all.

Nova Protein Skimmer (Large, works great!) $425
Diy 175w Light and ballast $25 a good backup light.
Turbo Twist 010072 9w $35
Turbo Twist 0006672 18w $55
2 175w Hamilton Ballasts + Mogul sockets + Reflector older $100
Blue line Aqua Pump 70hp, newish only used for 2 months. $215
65 gallon Alglass tank and stand. Knotty pine. $200
Dry rock $1.50/lb
Live sand .75/lb
Dry sand .50/lb
4 drilled 20 gallon hospital tanks $5 each
40 gallon breeder and iron stand $45 -SOLD-

Located in Palmyra,Wi

I'll add pictures as I go.

Protein Skimmer
Diy light

9w Turbo Twist

18w Turbo Twist

Hamilton Ballasts

70hp pump

65 gallon tank and stand
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