Show quality 180G FULL System - Over $8,000 spent!

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Show quality 180G FULL System - Over $8,000 spent!

Postby UnknownVertigo on Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:41 pm

I've had this in my private office for not quite two years now. I originally planned on adding coral but the amount of time necessary to keep up with the water chemistry was not conducive to a productive work day. I gave up on the idea of maintaining coral and the tank has remained as you see pictured for the past year. At this point I'm not spending as much time in the office either. Having someone else feed the fish and paying to have the tank professionally maintained does not seem like a wise use of money any longer.

This tank was custom built by Glass Cages (you can google them for more info). The glass is 5/8" thick. The tank is matched up with a custom built stand and canopy (also by Glass Cages). The tank is euro-braced and was made to last many years. Dimensions are 60"L x 24"W x 31"D. There are two removable glass tops to keep jumpers in (should you choose to use them!). The stand is stained a dark cherry color and the inside has been caulked and finished with a water resistant white paint. There are exhaust fans mounted in the underside as well. I've invested many, many thousands of dollars in this setup over the last two years so the value to anyone looking to buy this today will be tremendous!

Here are the details of what's included:

1. Between 2-3" of live sand depth (160lbs). This was brought in live/wet and is not fine or surgery. It is special reef grade aragonite.
2. Estimating between 150 - 200lbs of live rock. Mixture includes Totoka and Fiji Premium.
3. (2) 3rd Generation XR30w Radions with wide angle lenses. Ecotech mounting hardware purchased for a nice professional mount within the canopy.
4. Ecotech ReefLink unit for wireless control of lights and powerheads.
5. (2) Ecotech MP40 powerheads.
6. Ecotech battery backup for MP40s (never used)
7. Emerald 34 Sump from Trigger Systems - 31 gallon volume
8. Blueline external pump (produces a crazy amount of flow) - will come back later with more specifics but I believe it's the HD40-X.
9. LED Refugium light with built in timer for day/night mode (nice bright white daytime switched to a deep nighttime blue)
11. Tsunami ATO system. **correction from my original belief that it was a Hydor**
12. Marine Sources RDC850 Skimmer.

If you'd like the livestock you're welcome to it. here is the list:

1. Red Bubbletip nem
2. Red/green rock nem
3. Two Flame hawks (paired)
4. One Starry Blenny
5. One Tomini Tang
6. Two Longspine Cardinals
7. Three Ochrestriped Cardinals
8. One Scissortail Dartfish
9. Two Zebra Barred Dartfish
10. Three Rolland's Damsels (these guys cycled my tank)
11. One Matted Filefish - loves Aptasia...also zoas :-/
12. One Tuxedo Urchin
13. One Purple Urchin
14. Some Misc snails and hermits - quite the survivors as they were my original cleanup crew over a year ago!
15. Fuge has rubble and chaeto..nice colony of pods.

I'm asking $2,000 for the whole shebang. This is heavily discounted since it's currently a fully functional setup in my office building and will require that you budget to hire an insured/bonded maintenance company to assist with teardown and removal. Once it's outside the building you can cut them loose and do the rest yourself but I cannot have exceptions on the teardown. Feel free to make an offer too. The worst I can say is no!

There is an 25G Advanced Acrylics ATO Reservoir pictured to the left of the tank and stand. I'm contemplating keeping this for my home aquarium and it is not priced in with the items above. The Tsunami ATO system is included; you'll need a reservoir for it.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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Re: Show quality 180G FULL System - Over $8,000 spent!

Postby psimme on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:09 pm

Would the aquarium company you are using be bonded to move this? Fantastic looking aquarium.
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Re: Show quality 180G FULL System - Over $8,000 spent!

Postby ice fish on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:21 pm

Yes we are. I am the tech that comes out to clean it.
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