Berghia Nudibranch Aiptasia Predator Reef Tank Saltwater Aqu

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Berghia Nudibranch Aiptasia Predator Reef Tank Saltwater Aqu

Postby SloppyWhenWet on Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:25 pm

Berghia Nudibranch
Email for Contact, Shop located in Oak Creek.
These little guys eat Aiptasia. Works wonders if you have an infestation of Aiptasia in your reef aquarium.
$10 for small/med
$15 for large
Including freebies, egg sacks and discounts after Qty 5
How many Berghia will you need?!? Really depends how fast you want them to work. I would not suggest less then 5.
Wrasses (except Fairy wrasses).
Long nosed hawkfish.
Peppermint shrimp.
Camel shrimp.
Some brittle starfish (to a lesser degree).
Large crabs (Sally Lightfoot, Green legged hermit, etc.)
Lower rock areas with Bristle worm nests could eat Berghia to protect their eggs.
Chemicals used for Aiptasia could kill Berghia and Berghia eggs.

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