65g Mixed Reef Tank (SPS, LPS, Soft) with 20g Refugium

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65g Mixed Reef Tank (SPS, LPS, Soft) with 20g Refugium

Postby da.dole on Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:42 pm

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Hi everyone :)
I am selling my 65 gallon mixed reef tank with its 20 gallon refugium and stand. The tank is drilled with an overflow. The tank also comes with the fish, corals, rocks and sand. This is what's in the tank:
-pulsing Xenia rock
-rock of mixed palythoas and mushrooms
-rock of green galaxea
-2 frog spawns
-candy cane coral
-3 various types of acans
-Christmas tree encrusting coral
-blue sympodium
-2 gsp's
-2 Florida ricordea mushrooms
-rock of cabbage leathers
-toadstool leather
-5 headed toxic hammer
-various acro's
-yellow tang
-mandarin gobi (eating eggs and mysis)
-2 Banngai Cardinals
-2 reef chromis
-3 clown fish
-banded shrimp
-sea cucumber
-various snails and crabs
The tanks 20g refugium comes with the skimmer, carbon reactor, and return pump.
I am asking $550 for the tank and if you decide to buy it you will have to take it apart. I am not moving it. Please message me if you are interested.
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