3 free giant eels

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3 free giant eels

Postby causeofhim on Fri Nov 11, 2005 8:43 am

I saw this on another site and wanted to help get the word out. These would be great if you had a large tank for them. Maybe one of our friends at the LFS would want them. All you need to do is pay shipping and they are yours. As of 11/10/05 he still had all three.

Hi people, Unfortunately the store I work at is tearing down their 1000 gallon shark tank, and redoing it. Currently living in the tank are 3 Eels. All are about 3-4 feet long, and are looking for good homes. We have 1 Giant Moray, 1 Green Moray, and 1 Tesilated (I think). We are located in Sacramento,CA pickup is probly best, but if you are willing to pay for the shipping 1 of these guys could be yours. We have pics available. If you are interested plz contact: aqualifeservice@sbc.net or you can call (916)652-1284 Thx
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