ISO colorfull frags, ora??

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ISO colorfull frags, ora??

Postby cpandrewschmidt on Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:11 pm

I just can't seem to find any SPS frags with color at the stores around here, and that aren't crazy priced. My most colorful is my blue tip acro. Anyone have something they are selling? I'm trying add some color to my tank, maybe some yellow, bright green, multi color, etc? Thanks! I don't have much for trade besides Pulsing Xenia because my sps are all frags still :) Let me know thanks!!!

Andrew :D
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Postby mfd78 on Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:02 pm

I PM'd you about a different subject...
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Postby Mark on Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:23 am

Probably will have some after the December meeting I'm hosting.
I'd ask at meetings, I've gotten quite a few [or at the following meeting] that way. I know I've brought at least a couple frags `looking for a home' to meetings over the years.
And I believe there was talk of a frag-swap again come February.
Also - I haven't gotten an ORA cultured frag I didn't like [though the `Marshall Island frags' I wasn't impressed with at all, after time]

Do realize, a number of locals [like myself] sell frags to the LFS - where more often than not I've seen them turn ugly [from what they used to look like]. Dunno about prices - but realize that probably a good amount of `local frags' at the LFS used to be colorful - and will be again.

Saw some sit around at a LFS for a month + this summer, after a month if I didn't remember cutting them, I wouldn't have recognized them. Often changing from one tank to another will do that for a bit anyway ... and IMO often our personal tanks have better color. [except for Lee's new display, I haven't seen that many pretty Acropora after a few weeks in LFS IMO]

I know personally I've fought a Montipora pest [nudibranchs] late this summer/fall and haven't been selling frags of anything from my stony tank because of that.
I don't think I'm alone with having had a pest - and probably like the others while we'd love to hook you up, will wait for a few months [and defeat the pest] and be sure we're not passing a problem along with the frags.

That and let things grow out a little more first. So many of the pretty ones grow slow ...

Anyway - there's a heap of my opinion. Feel free to ignore it like the others ;)
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Colorful Frags

Postby meisen on Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:43 pm

Once again, Mark makes fine points. From the LFS perspective, its tough to get (and keep) things to color up in a really short time. Many factors come into it but the biggest one I think is the transitory nature of store tanks. Frags and colonies come in all the time, hands are in there 10 hours a day, water chemistry is constantly changing, corals get moved around etc. With things constantly in flux, most acroporids resort to their "stressed" color, brown. I have found that in my home tank, 3-5 weeks is the norm for a frag to color up. In addition, it typically happens once the frag is glued in place and encrusted. That isnt likely to happen in any store tank. Hopefully at AS, the tanks will start coloring things up more rapidly as the systems age and we refine them. We are going to start keeping our SPS-type corals in the smaller tank in the front as it matures and I think that setup will produce better color (or at least more typical of what you can expect the frag to look like in your home tanks). We also do our best to be honest about what color a piece was/will be to the best of our knowledge. As you all know, sometimes, a coral is totally different in different tanks.
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