Livestock Update Including Sustainable Aquatics

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Livestock Update Including Sustainable Aquatics

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:39 pm

Premium Aquatics has brought in a gorgeous shipment of aqua-cultured fish in this week from Sustainable Aquatics!  A few highlights include a trio of bright colored dottybacks (Neon, Orchid and Indigo), a stunning Comet Marine Beta, Aqua-cultured Molly Miller blennies, Canary blennies, and of course the clownfish!  We have snowflakes, standard ocellaris, chocolate mocha clownfish back in stock, and a beautiful bonded pair of Picasso clowns.  These breeding Picasso clowns would be a wonderful addition to a thriving reef tank.

Stop in tomorrow to see what else we have in stock including a yasha goby, plenty of yellow tangs, lawnmower blennies and a nice array of wrasse!

Flame hawk
Yasha goby
Flame Angel
Yellow Tang
Whip fin Fairy Wrasse
Lawnmower Blennies
Yellow Watchman

See you tomorrow from 12pm to 3pm

Full available livestock list: ... estocklist
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