Livestock Update 8.5.17

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Livestock Update 8.5.17

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:42 am

Premium Aquatics have another great shipment this week for you to check out Indiana!!  There are some unique inverts and some really cool fish this week.  To pair with the great selection we have in, we are going to do a sale on Puerto Rican Ricordia Mushrooms as well!!  These beauties are normally $18 dollars each.  We are going to sell these this Saturday only at 2 rics for $20!!  These mushrooms have some great coloration on them...and are great corals for beginners.

RICORDIA SALE - 2 ric's for $20....WOW!

Ultra Carpet Anenome - from the Central Pacific Region...beautiful!
Multicolor "Dalmation" Linkia - hardier than other linkias
Peppermint Shrimp back in stock for a LIMITED time!!!  limited quantity available...hurry in!

Koran Angel - a Beautiful Medium sized Juvenile 

Clown Peacock Mantis Shrimp - Wow!!  This is one cool invert...check out this link below on the care of this amazing shrimp.  This one won't last long at only $36.99 ... CatId=1702

Sponge Decorator Crab - what an oddball!!
Green Band Goby

Yasha goby with Candy Stripe pistol shrimp combo!!

Flaming Prawn Goby 


Diamond Watchman

Pygmy Yellowtail

Yellow Purple Wrasse

Aquacultures harlequin shrimp

Remember no raincheck or holds
Saturday hours 12-3pm ... estocklist
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