Summer End Coral and Fish sale

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Summer End Coral and Fish sale

Postby Premiumaq on Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:47 pm

Premium Aquatics would like to send our thoughts and prayers to those effected by Hurricane Harvey last week.  Please consider donating to the disaster relief efforts at the link below.

Premium Aquatics End of Summer Coral Blowout!!

We can't believe Summer is nearing the end already this year.  It seems like we were shoveling the parking lots and sidewalks of snow here at Premium Aquatics just a few weeks ago.  Well, to celebrate the last few weeks of Summer and the Labor Day weekend...we have some awesome deals for you this Saturday!  Thank you all for your support this year so far...and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Coral Specials and Steals:
50% off of any old stock corals!  That's right, ALL corals frags and colonies, except for just a few new colonies we have in, are half off this Saturday.  No minimum purchase necessary. Unless marked save BIG this Labor Day weekend!

Fish and Invert Specials:
Tracy's Demoiselle --- SALE $17.99...........normally $27.99, this is one beautifully colored damsel, newer to the aquarium trade.  We have two available and would love to sell them as a pair.

Yellow Mantis Shrimp --- SALE $28.99.......normally $36.99, this invert needs a species only tank set up...but is amazing to watch them hunt.  Ours has been eating emerald crabs, ghost shrimp and turbo snails!

Aqua-cultured Yasha Goby --- SALE $57.99.....normally $69.99, These are hardier and more accustomed to conditions found in home aquariums.  Such a beautiful goby to pair with a shrimp!

Achilles Tang --- SALE $124.99....normally $199 and up.  Not much explanation needed here folks, this is one heck of a deal.  She is located in the coral system ready for a new home.

White Tail Bristletooth Tang --- SALE $124.99.....normally $229 and up elsewhere! This is my personal favorite tang!  Most stunning horizontal red and maroon stripes, with a stark white tail with golden hues.  If you are a fan of Kole tangs, this flashy fishy cousin will be the star of your reef!

Sustainable Aquatics True Percula Clownfish --- SALE $5.00 each....Yep, you aren't seeing a misprint - that is $5.00 per clownfish...2 limit per customer please.

We just got in some amazing BONDED clownfish pairs if you are interested in a mated pair for your home tank!  A Domino Pair, Snowflake Bullethole pair (WOW!!), and a mated pair of Stubby Gold Stripe Maroon clownfish.  Come and check them out!

Peppermint Shrimp - these are back in stock folks, priced at $6.99 each.  These guys devour small aptasia nuissance anenomes!  

Shameface Crab — $17.99

Remember no raincheck or holds. We hope to see all of you this Saturday here at Premium Aquatics, for our Summer End Coral and Fish sale!!  Saturday 9/2/17 from 12pm to 3pm! ... estocklist
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