Halloween Livestock Update

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Halloween Livestock Update

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:07 pm

Premium Aquatics has some scary deals this weekend for Halloween!!  Check out all of the orange fish we have brought in to add some color and life to your reefs.  We have a beautiful Regal Angel, Fisheri Angel, Female Lyretail Anthias and more for you to check out.  The coral systems are looking Hot with new $10 and $30 frags, new colonies and deals to be had!!  

Peppermint shrimp are back in stock again - 2 for $10 this Saturday!!

AQUA-CULTURED Fish Sale this weekend!

Buy 1 aqua-cultured fish at 10% off, 2 fish and get 20% off, purchase 3 fish and get 30% off....and purchase 4 fish - receive 40% off your total fish order!  We have plenty of different varieties of clownfish, dottybacks, and damsels available with this special... 

Here are some other great deals we have brought in this week on livestock:

Niger Trigger
Red Firefish
Green Chromis
Yellow Tangs
Canary Blenny
Bangaii Cardinals
Sailfin Tang
Kleini Butterfly
Yellow Watchman Goby - 1 left at $9.99 - WOW!
Lawnmower Blenny - 2 left at $9.99 - WOW!

Aussie Pink Tip Elegance - $59.99!!

Fully Covered Zoa rocks back in stock, as well as a few really nice Green Goniopora for only $39 each.  Zoa rocks have green and orange in them and have great coverage!  We have some really nice higher end zoanthids that will be in for this Saturday too.  You wont want to miss these!

Mexican Turbos are in stock...hurry in, these have been very hard to find lately with the storms in the Caribbean.  We also have some very large zebra turbos that are priced the same as the regular sized turbos.  These guys are great at grazing on algae in our tanks.

Our Wild Caught fish system now has a 90 gallon tank plumbed in, so for those of you with larger tanks - keep your eyes open for larger fish that may be right for you!  Don't forget that you can special order fish or corals in for a discount if you pick them up in the bag.  Contact Brandon at livestock@premiumaquatics.com for any questions or to place an order.  As always we hope to see you all this Saturday 10/28/2017 here at Premium Aquatics from 12pm to 3pm.

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