Livestock Update 10/3/2017

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Livestock Update 10/3/2017

Postby Premiumaq on Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:53 pm

Eating a whole bunch of Trick r’ Treat candy didn’t stop Premium Aquatics from stocking up early this November!  Check out some of these beauties below.  We have everything from the inexpensive damsels and chromis, to the unique dragon wrasse and in between.  Don't let this rain and start of the cold weather get you down!!  Stop in to Premium Aquatics this Saturday, November 4th, 12-3pm to perk up your reefs!  We have some awesome deals in livestock and in the warehouse for you to take advantage of.  Hope to see you this Saturday before all of these spooky deals have vanished!

New Arrivals:
Regal Angel $64.99
Imperator Angel
Powder Blue Tang
Flame Angel $49.99
Coral Beauty $27.99
Yellow Tail Damsels $4.99
Blue Green Chromis $7.99
Red Firefish at only $10.99 each
Blue Sapphire Damsels - these eat flatworms!!    ONLY $6.99 each
Aqua-cultured Ocellaris - Sale price this weekend at only $10.99 each
Premium Picasso Percula Clown - gorgeous markings at priced at $59.99 and only 1 available
Sailfin Tang $24.99
Scarlet Pinstripe

Unique and Cool Fish Arrivals:

Orange Spot Filefish - This is an expert-only species due, in large part, to its dietary needs $19.99
Dragon Wrasse - Not reef safe...but this is one wicked looking wrasse!  Yours for $27.99 this Saturday!
Lemon Peel/Half Black Hybrid Angel - Absolutely Stunning!!

Fine Spotted Wrasse PAIR - This beautiful wrasse pair were caught together in Fiji!  This is your chance to have a mated pair of wrasse for your reefs at home

Tono's Fairy Wrasse $39.99
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