Livestock update 1/11/2018

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Livestock update 1/11/2018

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:58 pm


Premium Aquatics has received in a gorgeous batch of fish from our friends at Sustainable Aquatics this week!  Let there be Snowflakes this New Year!!  Clownfish, that is!  We have a dozen really nice patterned Snowflake Ocellaris, as well as a Fancy Longfin and a Black Ear Wyoming White Pair, Vivid Ocellaris, and Chocolate Mocha Mis-bar Clowns. 

Snowflake Ocellaris

Black Ear Wyoming White Pair
New Arrivals:

Red Firefish
Tailspot Blennies
Yellow Tangs 
Designer Clowns
Orange Spot Blenny
Fridmani Dottybacks
Blood Shrimp
African Red Tip Starfish
New Clean up Crew

Coral Colonies - Torch, Leather Corals, Zoanthid Colonies, Mushroom Colonies, Finger Leathers, Toadstool Mushrooms, Fungia Plates, Chalice Corals and More!!  Over 30 New Coral Colonies just in this week for you to check out.

We also moved some higher end corals from our online system out to the local SPS tank.  There are some great pieces like Pikachu, northern lights, lime aid, TCK acros, Pink Stylo, Montipora and more....ALL Priced at $20 each this weekend ONLY!   We have some of these high end acros normally priced at $45, $60, and $75 that have lost some color due to a system water leak last week.  Take advantage of the savings and color up these gems while you can!!

We hope to see you this weekend 1/13/2018 from 12pm to 3pm.  The tanks are looking great so stop in and take home a new gem for your reef!  
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