Check out all the new fish this weekend - Saturday 12-3pm

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Check out all the new fish this weekend - Saturday 12-3pm

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:45 pm

Click below for video of our livestock: ...

Premium Aquatics reloaded our fish and invert systems this week with the theme of Angels and Gold!  We have some beautiful yellow fish in this week that will be sure to stand out in your reefs, along with some great dwarf angels!  If you missed out buying that perfect gift for that special someone this Valentines Day, now is the time to grab the gold for your angel at home!

The Aqua-cultured tanks here at Premium also got some new visitors this week.  We added some gobies, clownfish, and tank raised dottybacks that added lots of life to our system.  Come in and grab a pair of snowflake clownfish, skunk clowns, or vivid fancy ocellaris this weekend as they are sure to be the stars of your reef!

Check out the list of new arrivals and specials below...we hope to see you tomorrow 2/17/18 from 12pm to 3pm!

New Arrivals:

The GOLD's
Lineatus Clown Tang - won't last long at this price!
Yellow Tangs - restocked and have 5 of these favorite fish available
Lemon Peel Angel - a bright omnivore ready for your 75g or larger tank  
Lemon Tang  - yep...bright as a lemon but its ALL angel!
Midas Blenny - such a personable and flashy fish
Canary Blenny - watch out, these have a venomous forktail!

The Angels
Lemon Peel Angel
Flame Angel
Coral Beauty - one of our favorite angels
Bicolor Angel
Multicolor Angel - at $49.99 this is HALF off of other retailers, grab this beauty today!

The Aqua-Cultured 
Clownin' Around - Picasso Extreme, Gold Nugget Maroon, Platinum, Domino's and Vivid Fancy Ocellaris are all in stock this weekend!
Blue Spot Yellow Watchman Gobies - New Arrival for us!
Blackline Blenny
Red Head Gobies

$9.99 and under SPECIALS and Great Buys!
Bi-color blennies $9.99 - only 2 Available but wow what a deal!
Fighting Conchs or Tiger Conchs $6.99 this Saturday!!
Canary Blenny only $9.99
2x Emerald Crabs for $9.99 - these eat bubble algae!

We have tons of angelic reasons above for you to come and visit Premium Aquatics this weekend.  And of course we always have great deals in our fully stocked warehouse for you too.  Hopefully you can make it tomorrow 2/17/18 and take advantage of the golden savings!

If you haven't already please subscribe to our new channel and Click on the BELL and turn on notifications so you don't miss any of our new videos. 

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