We’re clearing out some inventory this weekend

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We’re clearing out some inventory this weekend

Postby Premiumaq on Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:23 pm

Premium Aquatics is clearing out some inventory this weekend!  Come down for some savings on coral frags, salt, sand, test kits and more this weekend 2/24 from 12pm to 3pm.  There are tanks, and tank and stand combos that are ready for new homes...and just in time for the local frag swap as well!  We have some specials on livestock below as well as some cool finds out there for everyone.  

Some new arrival and unique inverts:
Dalmation Linckia
Galapagos Cleaner Shrimp
Scarlet Cleaner Shrimps
Blood Shrimps
Halloween Crab
Walking Dendro

Sweet Tangs are in Stock this week:
Lineatus Clown Tang
Yellow Tangs
Lemon Tang
Blue Eye Kole Tang

Livestock Specials:
20% off of ALL Coral Frags in the System 

Pink Tail Trigger - Sale at $37.99
Yellow Mantis Shrimp - Sale at $15
Tracy's Demoiselle Damsel - Sale at $17.99
1 Spot Foxface - Sale at $39.99
Formosa Wrasse - $32.99 

Dry Good Deals:
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt - Damaged Buckets = 40% off Retail this weekend!  That makes these buckets only $43.79....SAVE BIG!

Premium Aquatics
Local Shopping
Saturday HOURS 12pm-3pm.

Click HERE for price and availability list. 
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