Thinking of taking the plunge

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Thinking of taking the plunge

Postby Megan McGuire on Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:12 pm


My name is Megan and I currently have a number of fresh water tanks, primarily cichlids - mbuna from East Africa and recently some S. Americans - Super Red Severum, Rotkeil Severum, Geophagus sp. "Red Head Tapajos" and Mesonauta acora .

Anyway, I'm here to learn and would like to attend some meetings to learn the ropes of salt water tanks. I'd love to get a chance to visit people's fishrooms.

I'm thinking of starting with a nano tank. Ashley from MAAH, and I assume here, gave a very nice talk about nano tanks that really peaked my interest.

Curious when the next meeting will be.

Megan McGuire
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