Kinda Off Topic...but please read it all.

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Kinda Off Topic...but please read it all.

Postby Kelly68 on Mon May 14, 2007 2:35 pm

I would like to invite anyone who may be interested in attending the ANIMAL DAYS held in Plover on July 7th, 2007. I got a personal invitation to attend and promote my fish rescue. This is an event where a lot of rescue places come to educate and share their love for whatever it is they rescue. Along with other businesses. It is being held by Oakview Vet Center. If anyone wants any more info, pm me and I will tell you what I know.

My rescue and angelfish breeding is really taking off. I am currently remodeling my basement for a growout hatchery. I just ordered another 70 tanks, put that with the 40+ I already have and I have myself some major water going on in my house. This should be all done and set up by the end of the month. (seeing I already have about 3000 angelfish ranging in sizes...I need the room).

My love for fish has been going on for years. I believe these types of pets are found to be readily disposable once their "flare" is gone. People don't think that this is a type of pet is worth saving once they don't want them anymore. There is no reason why there is a rescue for any other type of pet (cats, dogs, birds, reptiles) and not for fish. So please if you know anyone who needs to get rid of anything with a fin, tell them about me. I have a list growing strong of people who are looking for certain things. I haven't found a fish yet that I couldn't find a good home for.

Fish have personalities like no other. They are a little more high maintenance than other pets, but I feel they are well worth the extra trouble they may bring. Whether saltwater, freshwater, pondfish.....I take it all in and know all about them. If I cannot find them a home then they will stay here and live out their lives happy and well cared for. This is my way of doing my little part in saving unwanted pets.

For those who don't know me I have such a deep heart for any kind of animal. Cats to dogs, birds to fish. Had reptiles, name it. I came across a disturbing site last week that involved a underground fur ring and I cried for days knowing what horrible death these animals go through. I know this is not a soap box, but I do know that people who own fish, do love other animals. So please do me a favor, read the rest of this letter with an open heart and sign the petition and pass it on to others.

I hope to see you at the ANIMAL DAYS. Oh, here is my number, just in case you know someone that needs to have something rescued. 715-212-6637. I live in Merrill. Thanks everyone and have a great day.

Hey everyone. A friend sent me this petition. For those who don't know I would like to share a story about what happened to me last week. After reading my story, please click on the link below and sign the petition to stop these innocent animals from being tortured. After a weeks worth of crying it took a great friend to remind me that I am just one person and I cannot save the world, but with the help of others maybe we can make a difference. Garth Brooks says it best in his song, The Change. Anyhow, please read my story and keep this petition going. (I also found that the United States Humane Society also has their own petition can find it on their site).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



Here is the letter I sent to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ASPCA and the United States Humane Society:

Please read this all the way through to get a feel for the abuse and torture some animals go through.

I was doing an innocent search to find a dog/cat funny video for my sister. I came across a HORRIFIC video instead. This video was shot in China at a fur ring. It started out with this huge truck that was carrying tons of crates stuffed with live dogs and cats. They were pitched to the concrete ground where the crates would slam and roll over and over sometimes crushing and breaking the bones of the animals. Some animals in the crates had severe injuries by the throwing of the crates. Then they would show cats being picked out for skinning and showed them being skinned. They showed the faces of these animals as they looked in horror and begged to be loved. At the end of this video they showed a live dog laying on the ground and a guy placed his foot on the dogs head almost crushing it so it couldn't move. Proceeded to go down by the butt and start cutting. The video then showed the end product of a dog. They focused on the face. Just red raw meat, no skin or fur. Only thing you could recognize was a nose and eye brows. At first I thought the dog was dead but then the eyes started to blink and the dog raised his head to look around. Then he rolled over and died. The reasoning why they allow the animal to go through so much torture cause in their own words, "The more torture they go through, the better they taste."

How HORRIFIC is this? Some may ask why did I not turn off the video. I was frozen in time focusing on the looks of these innocent animals. I just couldn't move. I am a big animal lover and to see this makes me so angry that all I have done since was cry. I cannot get this video out of my head. I would rob a bank to pay to be hypnotized to forget the video I saw. No country, whether it has humane animal laws or not should be allowed to torture the animals. Kill them first before doing this at least.

I feel that if nobody grieves for the tortured, then what was the sense of their life? A lot of people think that it is only "an animal". They have the same feelings as we do when it comes to being scared and pain. And they have just of a right to live and have a happy life. Many are born that are unwanted, but does that mean a senseless death? I am so strong about this that if the country offered to stop doing this in exchange for my life, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Please, you didn't see the video. I wish I didn't see the video. Make it known and pass this on and maybe in time it will get into the right hands of what these animals are put through. For God's sake, have a heart. I just hope that these animals are now in God's kingdom and no longer are in pain. Maybe we all can play part in saving these poor animals from this torture.


Kelly Rector

p.s. Due to the graphic nature of the video I do not feel comfortable posting a link.
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