"lawn Mower for sale" IF you want to call it that

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"lawn Mower for sale" IF you want to call it that

Postby Cow086 on Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:22 pm

Well its been a while since ive posted but i thought that some one would want this (who knows)

As many of you may know i work at Menards as a manager. Well tonight i was told to destroy a lawn mower by some one i work with and throw it in the scrap metal bin. But to put it in the scrap metal bin i had to take all of the plastic off of the lawn mower. (well the easyest way to do that was to take a hammer and pound all of it off) later that night my store manager asks what happen with the lawn mower and i told him what i had done to it. Long story short i was charged $150.97 for what was left of it. It retails for over $200.

If anyone wants it i havent picked it up yet but its mine so i can do what i want with it. Anyways heres what i remember about whats left.

It has a 21" blade brand new or at the least used a few times.
A brand new spark plug fully intacted. Most of the engine is still there however there may be some dents in it or holes where there shouldnt be.
the deck is fully intacked, as are all four wheels.

if anyone wants this lawn mower if you even want to call it a lawn mower let me know. I will take just about anything for it. $150 is a lot to swallow for a mistake at work. That really wasnt even my fault i was just doing what i was told.

Pm me if interested.
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Re: "lawn Mower for sale" IF you want to call it that

Postby Darb on Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:31 pm

That's a load of crap! Make sure you waste at least $150 worth of time over the next few weeks.

I worked for Menards for several years in the advertising department. I had a merchandise manager try to pin giving away about 3 (extra) Chevy Blazers on me due to a disclaimer problem in one state.

He eventually got fired (I had signatures). But I had to fight tooth and nail, my manager didn't have my back. I quit that department and moved to the yard. I'm still bitter <rant complete>.

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